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2014–The Banshee From the Frozen North

Ah, 2014. You came blowing in like a frigid white banshee straight from the frozen North. You have already caused me to question my sanity, my reasoning, and my judgment, and you have severely tested my patience and my endurance. Are you preparing me for hard months to come, or is the worst of what… Read More »

Goals for 2013

Last year, for the first time ever, I sat down and came up with a list of 5 concrete goals to work towards, with the deadline of April, 2015. I also created, for the first time ever, a list of 5 monthly goals, which I am proud to say that I accomplished every single month… Read More »

Happy New Year!

Here’s my happy post, so promised and so delivered! We’ll start with the Christmas season. I enjoyed it immensely! Party after party after party with my relatives and friends, starting the Saturday before Christmas and ending the Sunday after Christmas. One of the highlights of the Torola party was a game where we split into… Read More »