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Rolando Street Fair

A short time back, I attended the Rolando Street Fair, a one-day event where they blocked off a road and filled it with fun activities, games, food vendors, local business booths, and a stage with live music. Yes, I went. Yes, I was by myself. And yes, I enjoyed it. Just keeping busy, until it’s… Read More »

Scared to Leave

I had a minor freak-out session this morning. I started thinking about all the things I will miss from the U.S. when I go to Armenia for two years, and everything that I want to do before I leave. The time I have left here is running short—one month in San Diego, and one month… Read More »

You Must Get Out More

Shortly after moving to San Diego, I realized that big cities have a lot to offer, and I wrote a blog post about the things I wanted to look into or try doing while I’m here. The following bullet points are updates from my last post about living in a big city: Toastmasters. I went to one… Read More »

San Diego Writing Women Event

It feels like the other day, even though it happened back in the middle of January. A cool, rainy, San Diego evening found me attending a Launch Party for the group, “San Diego Writing Women“. I’m not entirely sure how I stumbled upon this event, but it interested me for at least two reasons: I like to… Read More »

How I Met Superman

Can you believe I forgot to mention in my previous post that I met Superman??? Did you know he wears boxing gloves? I got on the ferry to go to Coronado (across San Diego Bay from Seaport Village) and there was an open bench seat next to him, and I asked if I could sit… Read More »

The Wobble Bobble—and Happy New Year!

I was at the Mission Valley Mall just before Christmas and saw the following: Young kids making like hamsters on a wheel—except the “wheels” were humongous beach balls floating on water, and the kids were inside the balls. Maybe it’s best to let the following video show you more: Wobble Bobble I watched for a long… Read More »

December in San Diego, Part II

I went down to the harbor the other night to watch the Christmas Parade of Lights, where people decorate their boats with Christmas lights and do a parade on the water. It started at 5:30 p.m., quite a distance away from where I was sitting on the pier in Seaport Village. So after the initial… Read More »

December in San Diego, Part I

I was at the beach last Sunday. Ocean Beach in San Diego. It seems surfing is pretty popular here. All those shapes you see in the water? Those are all surfers. I’m thinking about taking surfing lessons myself, joining the throngs. Click to watch video: awesome-december-surfing-san-diego Looks pretty thrilling to me! You might also like:You Must Get… Read More »