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Another Moving Tale

Having furnishings and being homeless means having to store said furnishings during said homeless period, then having to move them again once new apartment is available.

No problem at all! The previous tenant of my new apartment was a friend of my previous roommate and graciously allowed me to store all my furnishings in his [my new] garage while he himself prepared to move out of his [my new] apartment.

The real problem was that he did not graciously allow me to sleep on his couch for 10 days. I would have to figure that one out on my own.

I Don’t Want to be Bald Forever

Stuff. If I associate the word with me, I start feeling a little jittery. I’m not used to accumulating stuff. I have some stuff. {gets nervous, looks over shoulder.} I keep getting more stuff. {starts to sweat, shudders visibly.} I can no longer fit all of my stuff into one small vehicle and drive away. {cue terrified… Read More »