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Where’s all the Food?

You know how, in America, food is kept in the kitchen? Well, it’s not like that here, in Armenia. Kitchens exist, and food exists, but one cannot, with certainty, predict that one will be found in the other. I didn’t understand it when I first arrived. As one who likes to feel fairly independent, and… Read More »

All I Wanted Was Melty Cheese

8 days, 4 girls, 1 city. Vacations are wonderful things, especially when you can go somewhere you’ve never been before. At least that’s the way I think. Over New Year’s, I went to Prague, Czech Republic, with two other Peace Corps volunteers from Armenia, and a friend from back home in the U.S.A. This beautiful… Read More »

Armenian Food Curiosities

Early in the morning, the bread cars make their deliveries to the local stores. Bread is piled from the back seat of the car to the ceiling, and the delivery guys pull the round loaves out with their bare hands and cradle them to their chest, as they walk into the store. The bread is… Read More »

Ev Brings Recipes to Armenia

What’s the food like in Armenia? Is it good? Is it the same as America? Is it drastically different? Let’s see if pictures can help tell the story thus far of my food adventures, including typical Armenian food, and things I have introduced to my host family. You might also like:Halloween Came EarlyPoetry and PicturesExam… Read More »

Caramel Popcorn Spews Across the Counter

On Super Bowl Sunday, instead of watching all the pre-game activities, I decided to make homemade caramel popcorn to bring to my friend’s Super Bowl party. I remember having made this years and years ago for some of my brothers and sisters for Christmas. I couldn’t quite remember everything that was involved, but I didn’t… Read More »


I made pasties for the staff for lunch yesterday, with the help of Kendra and Nina. (They took pictures.) The process started at 8:00 a.m. by myself, peeling and chopping vegetables. It took me about an hour and a half to peel and chop: 20 potatoes14 carrots3 onions2 rutabagas6 garlic cloves Then I got help.… Read More »


Here’s what I ate today: • a danish • cup of coffee • couple sips of Tom’s coffee and bites of his apple muffin • a hot fudge sundae • four small samples of clam chowder • a chocolate chocolate chip cookie • a little water • and finally a plate of chicken alfredo with… Read More »


I’m full. What we’ve done the past few days is just sit around and eat. A lot. You might also like:Scenes From a May WeddingSnowboarding, Snow lice, and Fingerprint…For my Fourteen Brothers and Sisters…