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Being in the United States

True Confessions of a Skinny-Jeans Wearer

“Early adopters” are the people who are running out the door in the dark of not-quite-morning with one shoe untied and picking crusties out of their eye corners to be the first in line for a new tech gadget that won’t make their unbrushed teeth smell any better but will tell them the time in 50 different languages. I am not one of those people.

Everyone Needs a Best Travel Buddy

It’s time to get jealous because I’ve just found the one that will be coming on all my trips with me for the foreseeable future!

She’s my new best travel buddy and I’m going to show her the time of her life in about a week’s time, when I finally step foot in Peru.

It’s Safe to Be Visible

Last week was an eye-opener for me, in that I learned that it’s okay to “settle in.” Why did I ignore that memo for so long?

More importantly, why did I not realize I needed that memo?

I’ve been living on the central coast of California for about 10 months now, and in that time I’ve acquired a few dozen material possessions. It’s not a lot, but I certainly can’t pack everything I own into a carry-on suitcase anymore! [Continue Reading…]

The Most Controversial Thing I’ve Ever Written

I grew up in a religious and conservative community, full of rules and traditions. Overall, I believe I had a very good upbringing. I became a very grounded person with a strong code of ethics and values. But I was also hesitant to fully explore who I was, for fear of the wrath of God and the disappointment of my family and friends.

Peace Corps helped change that for me; I’m no longer terrified of being a bit controversial. And while I’m still a work in progress, and am scared out of my mind to post this, I have come a long way and believe it’s time to share this part of my life… [Continue Reading]

I’ll Never Bike in the Rain Again. Wah.

I get places so fast now that I have to go around the block and try again because I keep missing my turns. It’s crazy having a car again! I’m having to completely re-learn my town because I don’t actually know which streets are one-way and I don’t know how to get anywhere that’s not directly off the bike path.

The Last 10% of Creativity—Why People Avoid Your Cake at the Potluck

I opened a PowerPoint document to start working on the presentation and suddenly felt squirmy inside. My mind drew a blank and I couldn’t get beyond the uncomfortable pressure I felt to have to think about what I wanted to do. I closed the PowerPoint and went back to the website to work on my next mundane project: to find the phrase “short program” and replace it with “professional program.” Much safer. Much more worthwhile and important… [Keep reading]

My Missing Quirk

I used to have a quirk.

And it wasn’t until recently, when I met a friend who exhibits a similar quirk, that I realized mine has almost completely disappeared, and I want it back.

Time Without Goals

Time did not fly for me in Armenia, as I mentioned in a blog post a little over a year ago.

Time in America? Holy cow! I blinked once and two whole months flew past without a peep from me (or from you, asking where I was!)

April was good for me. I purposely set aside the month to create a series of short videos called, “27 Days of Challenges.”

Then May came along. WTF happened to May?!??

Here is where we can learn a lesson together—me from experience, and you from careful listening. Continue Reading…