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Time spent traveling or working in Alaska

Wisdom Teeth Removal

This is the last time I publish such an unflattering picture of me online. But, really, how smart can one possibly look one minute after coming-to from a surgery that removed all four wisdom teeth? You might also like:On the FerryHiking Mount EdgecumbeJournal exerpts from my last days in Sit…

Leaving the World of Work Behind

We woke early, got the last of our belongings together, and left the lodge at 4:45 a.m. to meet our ferry. We were greeted by two heart-felt notes in the staff house before we left. (It was too dark to take pictures of them where they were, so I took them down and stored them… Read More »

Hiking Mount Edgecumbe

Here’s one of my highlights from the summer. On a whim, Jen, Trina, and I decided to hike Mount Edgecumbe the following day. I received grudging approval from my boss via phone, with the agreement that I would be back by 4:00 to work. Mount Edgecumbe is a dormant volcano located on Kruzof Island, a… Read More »

Looking for Sand Dollars at Sandy Beach

At the beginning of the summer, we had some really low tides (called “minus tides”) so Theresa, our boss, asked if anyone wanted to go pick sand dollars. After some initial hesitation, a group of us decided we may as well try it out. We went to “Sandy Beach,” a place that only has a… Read More »

Working as a One-Person Marketing "Department"

Everyone has an opinion. This is humbly apparent in design work. As a one-person marketing department this summer, every single thing I created ran the gauntlet of criticism and praise. Every time I churned out something new and had it sitting near my computer for my boss’s review, numerous co-workers would come by, pick it… Read More »

Harbor Mountain to Gavan Hill Hike

This was one of my favorite hikes of the whole season, from the top of Harbor Mountain, along the ridge, and down Gavan Hill. According to the sign, it’s 6.2 miles, but according to our map, it’s a 7 mile hike. Whatever. It was doable, extremely pretty, and very fun. This was during our 4th… Read More »

Graves and Rowboats, More Short Vignettes from Alaska

There’s a beach here named John Brown’s Beach. It’s a great place for tidepooling and for sitting on rocks, watching the ocean. But first you have to pass by John Brown’s grave…. Spooky! Nobody seems to know who he was, or why he’s so special (and I couldn’t find anything [quickly] online) so for now… Read More »