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The unique sights I see, people I meet, and things I do while I travel solo (or with others) around the world.

Ripped in 30

After booking this tour in Peru, however, I realize it’s time to step it up a notch and become very active and physically fit. I will be doing a several-days-long hiking trip through the mountains to Machu Picchu—the Moonstone to Sun Temple Trek. According to their literature,

“Our adventurous tours in the Andes are active programs, emphasizing moderate to strenuous day hikes in mountainous terrain…” Continue Reading

My Passport is Barely Valid

I’m not much of a planner, so this is strange for me. The trip is 7 weeks away and our tour company, Andean Treks, is asking us for all of our information now—plane ticket itineraries, where we want to stay, how early we’re getting to Cuzco, whether or not we want to rent sleeping bags… Continue Reading

I’m Going to Peru!

The next two months will be focused on my preparations for Peru. I just bought my plane ticket and reserved a spot with Andean Treks. It’s a 2 week trip, so it’s not like I’m going there forever, but it’s my first trip out of the country in a year. Am I excited? Continue reading…

2014–The Banshee From the Frozen North

Ah, 2014. You came blowing in like a frigid white banshee straight from the frozen North. You have already caused me to question my sanity, my reasoning, and my judgment, and you have severely tested my patience and my endurance. Are you preparing me for hard months to come, or is the worst of what… Read More »

The Pacific Lake

Pardon me if I occasionally accidentally refer to the Pacific Ocean as “The Lake.” I grew up on Lake Superior. It’s a huge body of water where you can’t see the other side. It has waves. It has fresh water, but in all other aspects, it’s pretty similar to an ocean. It played a big… Read More »

How to Move Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

I’ve done it—moved across the country and settled myself down for awhile. Saying that gives me a tiny case of the heebie-jeebies, but I’m sure that’ll work itself out with time. And a vacation. (Hope my new employer isn’t reading this! Haha.) How does one pick up her life and move across the country? Well,… Read More »

But I Do Have Email

You can’t pin me down in one spot in the physical world, but you can find me anytime in the virtual world. Let’s be online friends! Sign up below to let me know you want to stay in touch. Online Form – Constant Contact Signup Form Web Form Generator Remember, my goal for the future… Read More »