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The unique sights I see, people I meet, and things I do while I travel solo (or with others) around the world.

Upcoming Trip to Cameroon

I’m headed to Cameroon for a vacation next month. First time ever on the large continent of Africa. My friend is serving in the Peace Corps there; I promised her two years ago before she left that I would come visit. Now her time there is coming to a close and my time is running… Read More »

For Those Adventurous Souls…

I remember the days when I was just starting my blog, way back in July of 2008. It was for a trip to Europe, which I was incredibly excited about sharing with everyone. I wrote a couple posts pre-trip, a couple catch-up posts post-trip, and absolutely nothing at all during the trip. In the process, I lost all two of my potential readers, because they gave up checking my new website for the non-existent updates while I was in Europe.

Don’t let this happen to you! Find out how to remedy your situation >>

A Day in Nicaragua

Gram insisted that she needed to stay somewhere that had air conditioning and a swimming pool. Who can blame her? It was hot as blazes there. We chose Hotel Farallones. While Gram rested, I went with Darlene to see what her daily life was like in Nicaragua. First we went… Read more >>

To Nicaragua

I booked my ticket in February to go to Nicaragua to visit my younger sister Darlene.

My grandma decided she wanted to come, too. Five days before I left, she booked her ticket, and we traveled on the same plane, in neighboring seats, from Houston to Managua, Nicaragua.

We took a selfie at the Houston airport.

Ev Takes a Vacation

I just took two weeks off of work to go to Peru. I had a wonderful time, eating unfamiliar foods, making friends with strangers, and participating in unplanned activities. I felt my soul open up and blossom with the traveler’s spirit. And then my two weeks were up and I came back and realized that as opposed to traveling, I had just taken a vacation.

Everyone Needs a Best Travel Buddy

It’s time to get jealous because I’ve just found the one that will be coming on all my trips with me for the foreseeable future!

She’s my new best travel buddy and I’m going to show her the time of her life in about a week’s time, when I finally step foot in Peru.