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My long, exhilarating journey of applying to the Peace Corps, and all the events that follow as I travel to Armenia for 27 months.

It’s So Appropriate

November’s “novel” is about my second year of Peace Corps, which of course means I’m writing about some of the challenges I faced as a Peace Corps volunteer while living in Armenia. As though simply writing about them weren’t enough, it looks like my life decided I need to relive some of those difficulties so as to better remember them—and thus make the story come alive. Read More >


In writing for NaNoWriMo this month, there have been a few sources of inspiration, besides my personal recollections, photos, journal, and blog entries. There have also been my friend Tim Straight’s video series on Armenia, and the irreverent Conan O’Brien episode where he takes his assistant Sona to Armenia. Tonight is the Monterey Peace Corps… Read More »

A Day in the Life… Of A Peace Corps Volunteer [an excerpt]

I went into my tiny kitchen, turned my faucet on, and filled my kettle with freezing cold water from my one-temperature tap. The important thing to note here is that I had to turn my faucet on. When I had moved in, the water had been permanently on. But after several months of living in my apartment, some workmen had come to replace the pipes to my sink and had also fixed it so that my water would turn off. Read More >>

The Most Controversial Thing I’ve Ever Written

I grew up in a religious and conservative community, full of rules and traditions. Overall, I believe I had a very good upbringing. I became a very grounded person with a strong code of ethics and values. But I was also hesitant to fully explore who I was, for fear of the wrath of God and the disappointment of my family and friends.

Peace Corps helped change that for me; I’m no longer terrified of being a bit controversial. And while I’m still a work in progress, and am scared out of my mind to post this, I have come a long way and believe it’s time to share this part of my life… [Continue Reading]

Re-posting an Entry I Was Asked to Remove During Peace Corps

In honor of International Women’s Day, which is tomorrow, March 8, with the hope for equality between sexes, starting by raising awareness. The following is a blog entry I posted during my Peace Corps service and was asked to remove, because it was deemed offensive. I apologize, as I never intended to offend anyone. I… Read More »

Once Upon a Time…

Why would someone join Peace Corps? What motivation is there to give up your comfortable life in the United States of America to go to a developing or third world country for over two years, making a mere pittance of a salary, and bust your balls for a cause that the locals don’t necessarily believe in?

Step It Up, Ev

It’s time for me to step up my game. I spent the last few months floundering a little bit. Actually, let’s say I spent the last few months “in transition.” I was, after all. In August, 2013, I got back to America after twenty-seven months in Armenia. It has taken until approximately now to feel… Read More »