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Going to Vancouver: How I make decisions

Last scene from Jackson Hole, Ben and I, skiing across a lake in the Grand Teton National Park. — Part of my Journal entry from Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010: “Got my car checked out in the morning, and decided to go to Vancouver w/ Jarves.” The backstory: Fact #1: My “check engine” light came on, on… Read More »

Vancouver sights and experiences

One evening, while in Vancouver, we decided to go watch a performance by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the “RCMP Musical Ride.” A description from their website reads thus: “The Musical Ride is performed by a full troop of thirty-two riders and horses, plus the member in charge. The Musical Ride consists of the… Read More »

Olympics 2010: Proof in Pictures

I’ve decided to focus briefly on the Olympics before playing catch-up with my travels leading up to Vancouver. For now, it’s enough for you to know that I ended up here with a group of three others from the States, all staying with a couple (one of them American, the other one German) that currently lives… Read More »

Clark’s Nutcracker and SNOW!

Wilcox Creek Campground is up higher in the mountains, where it is cold. It’s right at the edge of a stunning ice field, in an alien landscape. There are huge brown sandy-looking peaks pushing up, covered with enormous sheets of glacial ice, and partly surrounded in fog. I’ve never seen anything like it! Overall, this… Read More »

Too Many Tourists and Hiking Beauty Canyon

We got up to start our day, thinking that if we hurried, we could get to Athabasca Falls before all the crowds showed up. We arrived at 9:00 a.m., and I guess that wasn’t early enough. There were people everywhere!  Athabasca Falls are located close to the road, so they’re one of the easier places to… Read More »

Robson Meadows Campground

The first night into the Canadian Rockies we stayed at Robson Meadows Campground. The other side of Highway 16 has a visitor’s center and a fantastic view of Mount Robson. (I thought I had a picture, but I don’t. Just imagine a really really tall craggy mountain with a skinny vertical river/waterfall cascading the whole… Read More »

Dining in Prince Rupert, British Columbia

After many days of solid driving through some great scenery in Canada, we finally got to Prince Rupert, the small town in British Columbia where we would be boarding the ferry to Sitka, Alaska. We decided to stay at the “Black Rooster Roadhouse,” a very nice hostel. I highly recommend the place. Prince Rupert was… Read More »