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The freelance graphic design and writing I do to finance my independent travels.

Panorama Enamorama

I’m a bit enamored of panoramas lately. Here are two from the early morning hours. Sometimes I like to see the sun rise so I drag myself out of bed and go down to Lake Superior to have a look. And eventually I start to wake up and feel a little more lively. I’d have… Read More »

Painting a Compass Rose

One of the first things I did upon arriving home (besides saying hi to the family, etc.) was paint a 45 inch compass rose on the floor of the camp in LLB. My dad and uncle were working on refinishing the hardwood floor, so this was the perfect time to do it. My mom and… Read More »

Lori’s Collage

I recently spent some time in [slightly] warmer climes, visiting my good friend, Lori. I showed her a couple print-outs of a few of the artistic photo collages I’ve done and we decided she deserved one, too! First, we needed a good prop. Luckily, we had plans to go to a fabulous music store, Elderly… Read More »

Editing My Brother’s Senior Pictures

I took my brother’s senior pictures last week. It was a really quick, no-nonsense photo session, 15 minutes max. We walked around the yard, found a few picturesque trees, a rusty barn, and a solid-colored wall. There were three on-the-fly shirt changes, to comply with mother’s request that he wear a “dressy shirt” for at… Read More »

Updates to my Website

I’ve made some changes in the past few days, so please take a look: In addition, I’ve decided that what I really want to focus on is photo editing, retouching, and enhancing. Related to that, I really like putting together collages, especially creative ones that end up making pictures that you can’t just “take”… Read More »

Working as a One-Person Marketing "Department"

Everyone has an opinion. This is humbly apparent in design work. As a one-person marketing department this summer, every single thing I created ran the gauntlet of criticism and praise. Every time I churned out something new and had it sitting near my computer for my boss’s review, numerous co-workers would come by, pick it… Read More »