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Being in Europe

Rescued by Volleyball

Remembering I was in Spain, I directed a general question to the three guys, “Do you speak English?” They all kind of stared at me and said no. I plowed on anyway, as I’ve learned to do in Armenia when people don’t understand me. “Do you need a fourth?” I held up 4 fingers. “Can… Read More »

All Alone in Barcelona

There is something unique about traveling alone that I didn’t want to experience when I went to Barcelona.* I’ve spent so much time by myself lately in Armenia. I’ve had plenty of quiet time alone to reflect on the gifts I bring to this world and what I might do with them. I’ve spent countless hours… Read More »

Lisboa by Myself

I’ve always known it as “Lisbon,” but they say, “Lisboa.” Their native language is Portuguese, which is not that similar to Spanish—or Armenian, for that matter. In lieu of learning Portuguese last minute, I relied on my rusty English skills, and got by just fine. The next 7 days would be ALL MINE. I would… Read More »

Reminiscing About Europe

I don’t know if I mentioned it already or not, but I made myself a goal: to print and label my Europe pictures before the Christmas parties start so I can pass them around for my friends and relatives to see. I printed around 300 pictures, which is about 1,000 less than the amount Suze… Read More »


It’s hard to stay excited in a trip you’ve already taken. It’s so OVER. I’m sorry. I’ll try to come up with enthusiasm to write more about my Europe trip later. Since then, however, I have spent a week in Sitka, Alaska, eating good food, fishing, and doing some graphic design work at the Wild… Read More »


I just wanted to say a few words about where Suze and I ended up traveling. We started in Stockholm, Sweden. We traveled north to Morjave, Sweden. We then went west to Narvik, Norway. Then we journeyed to Oulu, Finland. From there, we went to Helsinki, Finland. Then we made a long journey, passing through… Read More »

New Plans

We spent a lot of Day 2 in the train station trying to figure out our plans. Suze and I had planned on traveling to northern Sweden, to Morjave, for summer church services being held there. Little did we realize that Ju and Val had just come from there; it’s a long train ride and… Read More »

Evening in Stockholm

Here are a few of the things we saw on our tour around the city: narrow alleys; a big (about 3.5′ tall) old troll outside a store; the changing of the guards at the royal palace (they marched down a big hill, up the steps, and into the couryard in perfect unison); a waffle maker… Read More »

Friendly Meeting

We found the hostel we had booked in Stockholm with no trouble at all. It was on a boat, which seemed like a really cool way to start our trip. It was quite a hike from the train station, but it was through a beautiful cobblestone courtyard and down the old downtown streets with shops… Read More »