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Here you will find stories about uniqueness, examples of how to be unique, and help in your own journey towards uniqueness.

Sorry If I Accidentally Spit on You

That’s what I said to my friend yesterday, as we talked about the difficulty of being an adult.

We realized that nothing about growing up seems fun or exciting, now that we’re here doing it. Instead, adulthood is more like work and chores and making difficult decisions in hopes that it will pay off in the future. << Click the Title to read more >>

9 Questions to Discover How to Be Unique, Be Authentic, and Be Yourself

There will never be another you. Your life—YOUR LIFE—has significance. YOU are important. YOU have something of value to offer the world, and the rest of us are missing out if you do not completely show up in your own life. Why not embrace who you are and start living a life that truly reflects you—your habits, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and ideas. How? Click here to learn more about how to be unique, be authentic, and be yourself >>