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Burnt Out From Writing

Novel at 41,637 words. Under 10,000 words to go before Saturday. Will reach 50,000 word goal for month. Not sure novel will be wrapped up at 50,000. Other news: Instagram Contest at MIIS, where I now work. This weeks’ theme: “What are you thankful for?” I’m thankful for new friends. End update. More wordy posts… Read More »

But I Do Have Email

You can’t pin me down in one spot in the physical world, but you can find me anytime in the virtual world. Let’s be online friends! Sign up below to let me know you want to stay in touch. Online Form – Constant Contact Signup Form Web Form Generator Remember, my goal for the future… Read More »

Wedding Bells

I’m sad to be missing my brother’s wedding today. My entire family will be there, except me. My parents and all 14 brothers and sisters, plus in-laws, nieces, and nephews. I wish Martin and Ina all the best, as they begin their new life together. You might also like:Black GlovesTime?Rainbow of Colors

You Don’t Know Everything

** As graduation time approaches, I’d like to re-share a speech I gave at my own graduation ceremony. ** I used to think no one could see me when I hid under the kitchen table to peel labels off of soup cans. Of course I know better now. (Now I lock myself in the bathroom… Read More »

Flashback to my Favorite Sweatshirt

Last week, I came across this cutout from my favorite sweatshirt of all time. It was part of a sweatsuit that I wore ALL THE TIME. Andrea, for whatever sentimental reason, had held onto it, intending to someday make it into a pillow. Doesn’t this make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside??? You might… Read More »

Rainbow of Colors

It’s funny. If you look at my last few posts, it looks like each of them has their own color scheme! (Something I just noticed and thought I’d share.) You might also like:Black GlovesFlashback to my Favorite SweatshirtWedding Bells


It used to exist in abundance. It’s hard to keep my blog up-to-date now that I’m working full days. I got spoiled with all my free time last month, it looks like.  Tonight my cousins and I made gingerbread houses at my grandparents’. It was a blast. There were 33 of us creating edible works… Read More »

Murph’s Law?

This morning I got out of bed, got dressed, then laid on the couch for a blissful 15 more minutes before I had to leave the house for an 8:00 meeting. Laying around was so inviting that I didn’t leave myself time for a decent breakfast. Just before leaving the house, I grabbed a slice… Read More »

Black Gloves

There is no question: the cold is definitely upon us. How do I know? Well, I’m already seeing lost black gloves. Where do they come from? Where are their mates? WHY ARE THEY ALL BLACK?? I have no way of answering those questions; all I know is that last winter I saw them everywhere and… Read More »