Flashlight Friday! Travel with the Young Adventuress

Flashlight Friday—the day I shine a tiny little spotlight (a.k.a. flashlight) on a traveler who I admire. —————- “Gimme a backpack and a one-way ticket somewhere pretty and I’m a happy camper. Put me on a tour bus with dozens of other people with no way out, and I kinda want to kill myself.” –… Read More »

Rescued by Volleyball

Remembering I was in Spain, I directed a general question to the three guys, “Do you speak English?” They all kind of stared at me and said no. I plowed on anyway, as I’ve learned to do in Armenia when people don’t understand me. “Do you need a fourth?” I held up 4 fingers. “Can… Read More »

All Alone in Barcelona

There is something unique about traveling alone that I didn’t want to experience when I went to Barcelona.* I’ve spent so much time by myself lately in Armenia. I’ve had plenty of quiet time alone to reflect on the gifts I bring to this world and what I might do with them. I’ve spent countless hours… Read More »

Sometimes Genius Won’t Strike

Sometimes you just have to plunk yourself down at the computer, throw your fingers on the keyboard, squeeze your eyes shut, and start pressing keys, hoping something will come out. I’ve been wanting to post a blog entry for my eager readers (and, because I’m selfish like that, for myself as well) for quite some… Read More »

Ev’s Timeline

The following chronicles the dates and events that passed in my journey to join the Peace Corps, and some significant events that happened during my Peace Corps service in Armenia. My Peace Corps timeline is as follows: January 21, 2010: Decided to join the Peace Corps, while in Las Vegas at Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth… Read More »



Traveling and Evolution. Traveling Ev(olution). Also, my name is “Ev,” and I love to travel. Call me Traveling Ev(elyn). Whatev. This website started as a simple personal travel blog, and has transitioned to something much bigger—a journey of transformational self-discovery and a way to help others navigate their own pathways to a fulfilling life. However, there are still… Read More »