All Alone in Barcelona

There is something unique about traveling alone that I didn’t want to experience when I went to Barcelona.* I’ve spent so much time by myself lately in Armenia. I’ve had plenty of quiet time alone to reflect on the gifts I bring to this world and what I might do with them. I’ve spent countless hours… Read More »

Real Letters, Through the Mail!

Letter Writing Month starts tomorrow! Remember this? I did it last year. Did you get anything from me? Did you send me anything? Here’s how it works: every day that the post office is open, you mail something to somebody. It’s SUPER EASY. Last year, I remember that every morning when I woke up, I would… Read More »

Lisboa by Myself

I’ve always known it as “Lisbon,” but they say, “Lisboa.” Their native language is Portuguese, which is not that similar to Spanish—or Armenian, for that matter. In lieu of learning Portuguese last minute, I relied on my rusty English skills, and got by just fine. The next 7 days would be ALL MINE. I would… Read More »


Traveling and Evolution. Traveling Ev(olution). Also, my name is “Ev,” and I love to travel. Call me Traveling Ev(elyn). Whatev. This website started as a simple personal travel blog, and has transitioned to something much bigger—a journey of transformational self-discovery and a way to help others navigate their own pathways to a fulfilling life. However, there are still… Read More »