By | July 18, 2017

I have never felt this much like a goldfish.

I’m constantly on edge, waiting for something to interrupt me, and if nothing does, then I interrupt myself. Gotta check email. Gotta check Facebook. Gotta check Twitter (I barely use Twitter, but I better check it just in case). Gotta look at pictures on Instagram. Gotta check my other email. My other email. Gotta flip through the apps on my phone.

It makes me nervous, all this checking. What if I missed something the first time? Better check again.

My body feels tight. It needs to relax but there’s too much to check, no time to relax.

I am physically uncomfortable.

I’ve been doing a daily 10 minute meditation, and that helps.



But the second my timer rings, I’m back to checking.

I think there are a few things I need to do to stop this habit before I become numb to the feeling:

  • Re-institute a no phone and no social media rule for set times of the day
  • Set up a schedule for what I want to post and what I want to check
  • Give myself a time limit, as though I just turned 11 again and had to share computer time with my siblings
  • Breathe
  • Get up and walk away


    Get up and walk away

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3 thoughts on “Checking

  1. Joyce

    Yipes. Hi Ev! That’s not the Ev I know. Or maybe I didn’t know Ev… heh. My best reminder for being all “check-y” has been my lock screen photo which says “You have 24 hours today.” Meaning, put the phone down and do something useful. (:


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