Contradictions From Message to Money

By | February 21, 2017

Sometimes it’s hard to give a summary of an experience you had, because you haven’t yet figured out the most important part. Sometimes that stops you from talking about it altogether. I’ve decided this isn’t going to be one of those times.

I just returned from a conference called, “Message to Money LIVE.” I went with all four of my sisters—the first time we’ve ever taken a trip together, just the five of us. As far as travel with family goes, the trip was awesome. I realized that we are all exactly the same. Simultaneously, we are extremely different from each other. And we get along great. We get each other, even though at times we don’t understand each other. We see value in each other and our respective experiences. We laugh together. We couldn’t stop laughing together.

I think we also envy each other and at the same time are glad that we are NOT each other.

Sisterhood aside, the conference had a similar contradictory tone.

I enjoyed it and was frustrated by it. I wanted to attend the whole thing, yet I skipped several sessions. It made me feel like I was exactly on the right track with my business and that I had totally missed the mark.

I can’t say it’s the best conference I’ve ever attended, and I look back and see a lot of areas that disappointed me, in the teaching and in my own level of participation. I can’t let go of the feeling that I somehow missed out on a big opportunity, but at the same time, I feel I got what I needed and feel way happier about the experience now than I did while I was there.

I’m disgruntled about how muddled my mind is and I’m excited at the level of clarity I received. Yet I don’t feel clear. Yet I do.

It’s strange.

My Big Altruistic Why

I have some specific take-aways from the event. Some ideas are still in draft stage, and I’ll share them at a later time. But there’s one I’d like to share now.

I’m quoting from Marisa Murgatroyd, the larger than life 4’11” (and a quarter) woman behind the event who stood on stage for three days, teaching her heart out.

“Your big Altruistic Why is either the reason your business exists or the reason you want to go into business. Your mission…Try to find the simple purpose behind your business…”

My Big Altruistic Why is the following. It’s the cornerstone behind why I want to have a business so badly, what I want to give to the world, and is even the reason I believe I’ve had the experiences thus far in life that I’ve had:

My business exists to help people discover, celebrate, and share their unique, authentic selves with the world.

Therein lies all of my answers. It’s my guiding North Star, and as long as I keep it in mind, I know that someday soon, I’ll have the business I’ve been trying to create all along. At least this has no contradiction.

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