17/30 January Painting | “Erasing”

By | January 17, 2017

Day 17, 30 paintings in 30 days.

How do you find the time to get the things done you want to do? You find the time.

It’s hard to find something you’re not looking for, so in order to find it, you first have to look for it.

I wondered how I would manage to get everything done this week. Along with the regular daily painting and my full-time job, this week includes a monthly meeting of a new group I joined for writers, my weekly mastermind, a free first session with a trainer at my new gym, a haircut, a client meeting, website work, putting together a marketing proposal package, a rally, a march, and ideally two additional workouts.

And did I mention that it’s a short week? Monday was a holiday, and it’s already over anyway. Also, I’m skipping salsa and volleyball. Again.

No, you can’t do it all. But you can find the time to do more of it if you look.

Today at lunchtime, I looked for the time. First I wrote out all the things I desire to do this week. Then I took a small scratch pad of paper, tore off one sheet for each day, and filled in the items that have a specific day and time attached. After that, I determined how long some of the other things might take, and I added them in. Tada! Found the time!

Here’s how it worked in practice, day 1.

I got off of work at 4:30 and went straight home. As soon as I got home, I took out my painting supplies and got to work. I never do that. Usually I get home and sit on the couch for 30 minutes, staring at a feed on my phone, or reading email, or doing some other time-wasting activity. Time. Found!

At 5:45, I cleaned up and ate a quick dinner of pre-made salad I had in my fridge. Then I got in my car and went to the writing meeting. After the meeting, I finished my painting.

Instead of spending 2 hours after the meeting working on my painting, I only had about an hour left, including clean-up. How nice is that?

Day 17 of painting done! Tomorrow morning I go to the gym, because it’s on my list to do before work!

Erasing In Progress

Erasing In Progress

Erasing with Eraser Marks

Erasing with Eraser Marks



P.S. One of my goals for the new year is to paint in January. My theme for all the paintings is “writing”.

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