Digital Vision Board Created!

By | June 1, 2016

The thing I bemoaned creating is done.

Revealed at long last is the vision board I created, made in Photoshop.

Vision Board May 2016

Click to see bigger.

I’m excited about this! When I look at it, it is totally ME. All things I love and want more of. Visual inspiration for future goal-setting and crushing!

Some of it, I’m sure, makes sense to the casual observer. Some of it might be a little less self-explanatory, but I know what it means and that’s what’s important.

(Remember that. If you make a vision board. It’s for you; it doesn’t all have to be spelled out or make sense to others.)

The best part?

I know it’s all going to happen!!! (I’ve already set a precedence.)

Questions about my vision board?—either the final product, or the creation of it—Let me know!

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