Do You Have a Vision Board?

By | May 22, 2016

I meet in a weekly Mastermind group and it was my brilliant idea to share vision boards next week.

I say “brilliant” with an air of sarcasm tinged with urgency, a little fear, and some reluctance, because we are sharing on Wednesday and I haven’t started making mine yet.

I made a vision board before. It was with a large group of fun people, and we made a party out of it. The hostess of the party provided all sorts of magazines, scissors, glue, paper, stickers, and pictures, which was awesome for people like me who don’t have that stuff on demand. The party was awesome. Most of my visions on the board manifested within the next year. How cool is that?

But now I have to make a new one, and I don’t know what to put on it, and I don’t know how to make it. Also, my cousin is in town and I don’t know when I’ll find the time to do it. I don’t want these excuses, so I am writing this out so I can work through my objections and come up with something I’m excited to share with my group.

I know the two things I’m focused on this year are:

  • completing a full draft of my novel, and
  • holding an art show.

I also have secondary foci. (Foci. What a weird pluralization of a word!)

  • Visit my friend in Peace Corps Cameroon
  • Make passive income online
  • Add information, structure, and special features to my secret blog so I can share it with the world
  • Offer website building and coaching services. Anyone need a website?
  • Meet my amazing, unique, grounded, active, funny, sincere soulmate and build a relationship with him
  • Grow my community and build stronger friendships
  • Become a surfer (looking for surfing buddies to hold my hand in the ocean (figuratively speaking))
  • Do a lot more camping and hiking
  • Get some new Type 3 clothing

It’s pretty obvious that I have a lot of things to put on my vision board. Also, since I am spending the time to write this blog entry, that means that I have time to create my vision board, even though my cousin is here.* So the next question is, how to find the materials for my vision board?

Use my network, you say? Okay, I’m considering you my network.

Do you have any magazines I can cut up? Please let me know if you do!

Make an online vision board, you say? Okay, that will be my backup plan. I know there are many options out there. I’ve explored them before. There is nothing quite like making a vision board with your hands and physical materials, but an online one would be fine for starters.

Use what you already have at your house, you say? Wow! You’re full of ideas! You may be onto something. It’s possible that if I scrounge, I can come up with most of the things I need to include on my board.

Invite a friend to host a vision board party with you, you say? You’re right! I’m sure some of my other friends have magazines, and might be convinced to share them, if we make our vision boards together! Oh yeah, then my cousin and her boyfriend can also join in!

Find pictures online and print them, then use them for your board, you say? I can certainly do that as well. Just need to plan ahead. I can plan ahead! Usually.

All right. Enough putting it off. Time to start creating!

Do you have a vision board? Want to share? Please do, I’d love some inspiration! Put a link to an image of it in the comments, or describe it to me. I’ll share mine when it’s done as well!

Have a great weekend!


*(She’s off on a photo shoot right now.. P.S. If you live in/near Monterey and want professional and very reasonably-priced pictures taken of you, your family, or your special event, anytime in the next few days, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with her. The more she’s gone on photo shoots the more time I’ll have to make my vision board!)



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  1. Joyce

    Me and Marika made vision boards yesterday! Had a blast. (: Good luck with yours, Ev.

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