Old enough for a parking ticket

By | September 8, 2015

I don’t want to give away what this blog entry is about right in the first line, because then maybe you won’t read to the end, but I’m going to tell you now anyway.  This is a continuation on the topic of what it means to be an adult, because it’s been on my mind a lot lately.

Adulthood is being off the leash, making your own way through the world.

Adulthood is being off the leash, making your own way through the world.

Ev Is Good at Being an Adult

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I was pretty good at adulthood when I first started. I got a checking account and credit card no problem when I began college, and was incredibly responsible with my money. I paid my bill off in full every month and continued to add to my savings account. I started a ROTH IRA and put money in that diligently every month. I bought a car – paid in full with cash – and was a safe and responsible driver. I got pulled over once for speeding when I was 19, but got let off with a warning, and never saw those flashing lights in my rear view again urging me to the side of the road. I had a job, had an apartment, called home once a week, had fun on the weekends, and I always put money in the meter.

In short, I was GREAT at being an adult!

I had the basics figured out and I was on easy-street. Not that ALL was roses, but, you know, at least I could take care of myself.

So then what happened? Did I get lackadaisical? Careless? Did my luck simply run out?

Or does life look at people like me and say, “Oh you think you’re such hot $!*# ? Well take this!” and then start throwing things?

Wham! Bam! Bang!

I was great at being an adult—until the horse really started galloping!

I was great at being an adult—until the horse really started galloping!

Ev Becomes Bad at Being an Adult

I have recently (as in the last few months) been hit with:

  • A speeding ticket—the first time I’ve been pulled over for anything since I was 19—and as (bad) luck would have it, I didn’t have my driver’s license on me and got slapped with a $hundreds$ fine.
  • An email inbox that is impossible to keep up with, to the tune of 1,348 unread messages
  • An overdue notice from my credit card company
  • An exorbitant water bill
  • A reminder from my doctor that I was supposed to have a 6-month follow-up visit… 3 months ago
  • A parking notice warning me that I can’t leave my car parked in the same place for more than 72 hours and to move it or risk being fined or towed
  • Physical therapy for my knee—which had been hurting for over a year already—I just kept forgetting to call the doctor to have it looked at
  • A car insurance bill I missed, resulting in a lapse in coverage
  • Three medical bills that accidentally ended up in my “stack of dreams” and forgot to get paid

And finally, most upsetting of all, is just this past Saturday, I accidentally went to the wrong airport! That is inexcusable for a “traveler” like myself.

What happened is, I planned a trip home to Michigan, and booked two separate tickets—one there and one back.

Two separate tickets, two separate airlines, and—as it turns out—two separate airports! I thought I was flying out of and into Oakland, California. But I got dropped off and started looking for the check-in counter, and I couldn’t find it anywhere!

I re-checked my flight details (something I used to be tedious about) and that’s when I realized that I needed to get to San Francisco. A quick phone call to my friend, a twenty-five minute car ride, a short security line, and luckily no checked luggage, and I made it to my gate right before they started boarding.


I’m in Michigan now, sitting at a coffee shop writing this.

There's nothing like drinking a great latte to make you feel like a real adult.

There’s nothing like drinking a great latte to make you feel like a real adult.

Ev Realizes She’s a Normal Adult

Reflecting on adulthood, I can’t believe all the stuff I just listed, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is more; I didn’t want to overwhelm those of you who aren’t adults yet (and I also didn’t want to implicate myself anymore than I had to in order to make my point.)

I realize I just started out with beginner’s luck and I’m not that great at being an adult yet.

But to be fair, I’m not that bad at being an adult, either!

I eventually got my stuff paid. I took care of my health. I dealt with all the consequences thrown my way without breaking down (too much) or freaking out or throwing a tantrum.

I learned (am still learning) my lessons. That’s adult-like behavior!

Also, as I re-read this list, it looks I’m mostly suffering from having a poor memory. Unfortunately, as an adult, forgetting things has more costly (stressful) consequences…Hang on, I have to go put money in the meter!

{Sigh. Adulthood.}

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  2. Jesse Moskel

    Awesome! Thanks for being a great writer, and making me feel better about (ahem…!) some things I can’t remember that I need to do. -Jm

    1. Ev Post author

      Hi, Jesse. Thanks for your feedback! Haha, I think we all appreciate hearing about other people’s struggles, because it helps us feel better about the stuff we go through. 🙂

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