How to get everything you ever wanted

By | September 10, 2015

I went to a party in February.

Of course it wasn’t your average party, or I wouldn’t be writing about it.

It was put on by a friend of a friend, and should have come with the warning, “Be careful what you wish for; you might get it!”

It was a “Vision Board” party, which was something I’d never been to before; I was invited by chance.

What does a vision board party look like?

See below:

Vision Board

Vision Board Party! * Photos from our vision board party host, Dui.

First, it was mostly girls, maybe because it was actually kind of like a scrap-booking get-together. We sat on the floor and the chairs and ate food and talked while we tore and cut pictures and words out of magazines to fill our boards.

What’s a Vision Board?

A vision board is pretty much what it sounds like—a big pictorial display of your vision for the future. It shows your goals, your hopes, your dreams, your desires, your wishes, your wants, your needs.

It’s pretty much whatever you want it to be (which is the case with almost everything these days—have you noticed that?) and everybody’s turns out different. (ditto previous parenthetical notation)

Does a Vision Board Work?

I’ll let the following anecdotes speak for themselves:

I had recently gotten my ears pierced, and wasn’t yet supposed to wear anything but my piercing studs. But I was interested in acquiring some dangly earrings, so I found some in a magazine and put them on the board. Two days later, my coworker, who used to have pierced ears but let the holes close up, gave me her entire earring collection.

I’d been meaning to get up to mainland Alaska for awhile, but the timing was never right, or the money was never there. By early summer, I’d given up hope of going, but then the stars aligned. I was going to be homeless for 10 days and flights were cheap, so I decided that was the perfect time to take a trip. To Alaska I went!

I was single at the time of the vision board party, and I wanted to be in a relationship, so I cut out a handsome man for my board. But then I found another one, so I pasted him on there, too. And here I am, two relationships later…

I like cooking, but don’t always like looking up recipes online. Sometimes I cook to get away from a screen connected to the Internet. And at the time I didn’t have any cookbooks. So I cut out a cookbook for my vision board. Shortly thereafter, I found a great cookbook at a thrift store and bought it.

Those are all true stories that help illustrate the power of a vision board.

Vision Board Group

Look at all our vision boards!

But that’s not what I really wanted to talk about.

The really big one for me was around the idea of Community.

What about community?

Weeks before the vision board party I had decided that I was going to live in one spot for five years. No more crazy traveling every 8 or 9 months, no more jumping from place to place. No more constantly stressing about “what’s next.” I was going to stay for awhile, which meant I wanted to build community. I wanted to get to know people better, get involved with local events, learn to fit in, become a “regular.”

Instead of constantly picking up, moving somewhere else, and starting over, I wanted to be stationary. I wanted to be able to walk down the streets and run into people I knew well enough to stop and have a conversation with them. I wanted to know my way around all the back streets and feel comfortable and confident no matter which direction I went. I wanted to feel settled in. I wanted to be able to buy food and furniture and staples (not stapler staples—supply staples, like CostCo-size toilet paper and large bags of rice), knowing that it was a worthwhile investment because I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

On my vision board, I glued the phrase, “Grow a community.”

Last week, I got an email asking me how I am from a fellow volleyball player who I haven’t seen in awhile because I’ve been sidelined with a knee injury. I got a text inviting me for lunch from another friend. A salsa-dancing friend asked if I was going dancing that night. And I was late to meet some friends after work, because on my way there, I ran into two other good friends of mine and then a coworker, so I stopped to chat with them in the street for a few minutes.

I’d say my community is growing! But wait, there’s more.

What? There’s another community?

I’m so happy to know that I’ve started to build this community in person. What I didn’t realize is that I have already been building a community online! Maybe you already knew this, because YOU are part of my community!

I’m in Michigan right now on vacation. While here, I’ve run into several people who know me and have said they enjoy reading my blog. (Thank you!) I know there are many others who I don’t know in person, but feel like they’re part of something here online. I want to grow this community, too!

In the upcoming months, I’m exploring ways to make our online community a really fun place to be, with more interaction and support flowing in all directions. Instead of you all just knowing me, I want you to get to know each other, too. There are tons of new technological tools out there that I’m testing, to see what will be the best fit for us.

In the meantime… 

How do you get everything you ever wanted?

Start with a vision board so you know what you want.

Do you have a vision board? or a different type of vision display? What’s on it? Let me know!

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