True Confessions of a Skinny-Jeans Wearer

By | March 30, 2015
Bell Curve, showing the trend of Innovators, Early Adaptors, Early Majority, Late Majority, and Laggards

Bell Curve, showing the trend of Innovators, Early Adaptors, Early Majority, Late Majority, and Laggards

You know those people you never understand, who wear glasses and are always saying words you are pretty sure haven’t been invented yet? They are known as “Innovators.” I don’t consider myself one of those people.

“Early adopters” are the people who are running out the door in the dark of not-quite-morning with one shoe untied and picking crusties out of their eye corners to be the first in line for a new tech gadget that won’t make their unbrushed teeth smell any better but will tell them the time in 50 different languages. I am not one of those people, either.

I am not even usually one of the “early majority”—those who wait around picking at their fingernails and chewing their gum until they’re sure that the new fad is going to stick around for a little while and then jump on it while there’s still time to be “cool.”

Am I considered “late majority?” Maybe, but just because I don’t want to be known as a “Laggard.” (Laggards are old and boring and stubborn. They won’t even get up from the couch to get a glass of milk.) I still kind of want to be hip.

Why am I in the late majority category? It’s not that I’m resistant to change, exactly. It’s just that I usually hate the new fad and have to wait a good many years until it grows on me for me to begrudgingly accept that this is how it will be from now on…until the next fad.

I’ve always sort of known that I was this way, but it wasn’t until recently that I took a good look at all the examples I have amassed of my late-majority following.

Let’s start with scrunchies. I hated scrunchies so much in elementary school. I thought they were huge ugly cloth monstrosities. I hated the texture of them and their amount of stretchy-ness, and swore I would never wear one. And then one day, years after they became popular, I needed a hair tie and the only thing I could find in the house was my older sister’s navy blue scrunchy. I shuddered as I picked it up and tied my hair back with it. Throughout the course of the day I realized they weren’t so bad after all. Plus I still couldn’t find my regular hair tie. A year later, scrunchies were still the only thing I could find in the house, but I didn’t care anymore.

Same thing happened with skinny jeans. Hated them at first, and thought I wouldn’t be caught dead in them. Then I tried a pair on and realized how sexy I looked. (Har har. It actually took a couple tries, and a desperate moment when the stores weren’t selling anything but skinny jeans for me to embrace the fashion. But then I caught on. I’m wearing a pair now.) Leggings were the same way, years after skinny jeans found their way into my closet. (True confession: I bought my first pair of leggings about six months ago.)

Happened again with smart phones. I had a dumb phone through all four years of college, my first working years, and 27 months in Peace Corps. I texted maybe 20 times total in those years, combined. It wasn’t until after I got back to the USA in 2013 and needed a phone that I figured I’d give smart phones a try. But I was adamant that I wouldn’t become a walking-texter-GPS-relier-selfie-taker-email-checker-angry-bird-player-fill-in-the-app-mega-user. (I’m starting to turn into that person. I kind of like taking selfies. Does that make me just as narcissistic as the person with the selfie stickwhich I haven’t yet embraced?)

I felt ambivalent about Facebook. And Gmail. And Twitter. Now I have all of those, too, years and years after the Innovators tried and walked away from multiple other options, after the early adopters worked out all of the bugs, and after the early majority fell in love and demanded more to fill their increasing appetites for extended connection, added functionality, and greater convenience.

Believe it or not, I also abhorred blogs when they first came out. I thought the word was hideous and couldn’t believe people were saying something so distasteful with a straight face. And they were creating more! {shudder}

Where are you in the Innovator >> Early Adopter >> Early Majority >> Late Majority >> Laggard spectrum?

I’m here now to report that I have just come back from Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, California—the biggest Social Media conference in the world. There were sessions on blogging, Facebook, Twitter, podcasting, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Meerkat, LinkedIn, and more. And I thought it was fascinating! While there, I used my iPhone and tweeted and used a hashtag—#SMMW15. Mine was one of over 70,000 tweets using the same hashtag.

Ev at Social Media Marketing World 2015

Ev at Social Media Marketing World 2015

I know a lot of you out there don’t use all of the platforms I just mentioned. Some of you might even think I’m making up words right now.

Mine was ONE out of seventy thousand tweets—a clear indication that tons of people are still way ahead of me. But I’m really excited to see where social media goes in the future, and a *little bit* eager to get ahead of the curve on some of the upcoming trends. Am I changing? Could I be turning into an innovator? (Time out while I go get my glasses.)

Soon, all of the sessions from Social Media Marketing World 2015 will be available as recordings online. I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the presentations I wasn’t able to attend. Do you want to join me in learning more, so together we can push closer to the Innovator end of the bell curve?

You can!

Click this affiliate link to Buy a Virtual Ticket to Social Media Marketing World 2015. Start chewing your gum a little faster, because this could change your life.


This event was put on by Social Media Examiner. If nothing else, check out the site from time to time for a taste of the latest and greatest news and tips for using social media.

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      Bummer! It would have been fantastic to see you, David! I was going to write a pre-SMMW blog post, but ran out of time to finish it. I have no current plans to go to New Media Expo, but I’m looking at it now, and it looks incredible! I’ll let you know if I end up booking a spot. 🙂

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