A Day in Nicaragua

By | March 17, 2015


That’s the standard greeting in Nicaragua. It’s short for “Buenos días,” but they drop last word completely, and don’t bother finishing the first word, either. Sounds like how we speak in the USA.

The Nicaraguan Spanish accent was hard for me to understand. It was much easier for me in Peru. Good thing I had my little sister to help interpret everything!

Gram insisted that she needed to stay somewhere that had air conditioning and a swimming pool. Who can blame her? It was hot as blazes there. We chose Hotel Farallones. While Gram rested, I went with Darlene to see what her daily life was like in Nicaragua.



First we went to her English class, which was taught by her Nicaraguan friend Taylor. It’s a 3 month class and had just started the week before. Five days a week, 4 hours a day. Taylor was like a drill sergeant, but also kept the class entertaining. It was fun to be there. Each student had to stand up in front of the class and answer his questions and commands.

“Introduce yourself!”

“Months of the year: go!”

“Spell ‘February!'”

“Again, faster!”

“One more time, fast!” He would stand at the back of the room and bark orders, snapping his fingers rapidly to make them speak faster and faster in English. Darlene and I helped correct pronunciation. (Don’t be surprised if you ever come across a group of Nicaraguans with a Yooper accent!)

Taylor's English Class

Taylor’s English Class

Then Taylor made me take a turn, but in Spanish. It was difficult and humbling, but my level of Spanish was where most of the students were in English, so we all had a good laugh at the role reversal.

After class we went to volleyball. It was played on a concrete court near the basketball courts. Darlene and I played with the boys team. It was much more intense than I had expected, and very fun. I wished I was wearing proper shoes.

Volleyball in Nicaragua

Volleyball in Nicaragua (This is the second time I went, when I arrived ready to play with proper shoes.)

Then the sun was starting to set so we walked back to our hotel where Gram was worried about us because she thought we were going to be back 2 hours ago. Oops. Sorry Gram!

Exhausted again, we all went to bed early.

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