I’ll Never Bike in the Rain Again. Wah.

By | August 19, 2014

I get places so fast now that I have to go around the block and try again because I keep missing my turns. It’s crazy having a car again! I’m having to completely re-learn my town because I don’t actually know which streets are one-way and in the 9 months I’ve lived here, I never really learned how to get anywhere that’s not directly off the bike path.

Me and my driving glasses. Watch out, world!

Me and my driving glasses. Watch out, world!

I love having a car, though. In two weeks, I’ve already put over 400 miles on it, even though I still bike to and from work every day. You could say that I’m trying to make up for lost time on the weekends.

It's fun to be in the driver's seat again.

It’s fun to be in the driver’s seat again.

I do have a confession to make.

I drove to work this morning. 

It’s no big juicy secret or anything, but I’m just a little embarrassed because it’s only 2 flat miles to get there, and I told myself when I got my car that I wouldn’t use it to get to work.

But I woke up this morning and it was misting out—just enough to ensure that I’d be thoroughly damp by the time I reached work, were I to hop on my bike as usual. So what did I do? I grabbed my car keys. I arrived at work completely dry and with my heart rate at resting pace.

Secretly, I mourned the loss of biking in the rain. It’s one of my favorite uncomfortable things to do. I hate the idea of it, and I hate the wet rooster tail up my back that results from the back tire splashing through puddles. But the ride itself is always exhilarating. It wakes me up, makes me feel alive, and gives me an extra glow for the day, because I have done something that most other people avoid like the plague: getting cold and wet. On those days, I share the bike path with approximately 2 other crazy people, and we smile at each other as we pass, because we know—biking in the rain is actually kind of fun and everyone else is missing out.

What a beautiful sight, if only you actually get out in the elements on a misty morning.

What a beautiful sight, if only you actually get out in the elements on a misty morning.

Well, today I missed out.

What can I learn from that? I don’t know, because the next rainy day, I’ll likely take the easy way out again.

Will it help if I tell you that sometimes the easy way is not always the rewarding way? Maybe that’s the reason for today’s story—to give you a little nudge to do something uncomfortable yet gratifying.

Actually, how about this? You tell me a story of a time when doing something the hard way paid off. We can build a little collection of motivation for the next time we’re tempted to do the obvious and boring instead of the stimulating and challenging. Post your comment below.

I'm boiling an artichoke. If it turns out okay, next time I'll try boiling two at once.

I’m boiling an artichoke. If it turns out okay, next time I’ll try boiling two at once.

In other news, I’m cooking an artichoke for the very first time.

Also, progress is being made! I’m working summing up my one year anniversary of being done with Peace Corps! (The official one-year mark was last Saturday the 16th. Unbelievable!) It’s going to be a multi-part post, because I’ve found that I have a lot to share! Look for part 1 within the next couple days!

Remember to leave your “stimulating and challenging” story in the comments, either here or on Facebook. Let’s see how many we can come up with together!

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2 thoughts on “I’ll Never Bike in the Rain Again. Wah.

  1. Joyce

    I picked thimbleberries last week and biked back to the camp when it was misting like that. I got a lot of weird looks from the cozy, dry people in their cars.

  2. andge

    Hi Ev.
    Today the girls and I picked thimbleberries – early morning, dew on the plants, soaking wet socks. Now we have all day to pick blueberries.

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