Step It Up, Ev

By | February 10, 2014

It’s time for me to step up my game.

Where does the path ahead lead?

Where does the path ahead lead?

I spent the last few months floundering a little bit. Actually, let’s say I spent the last few months “in transition.”

I was, after all.

In August, 2013, I got back to America after twenty-seven months in Armenia. It has taken until approximately now to feel like a “civilian” again instead of a Peace Corps Volunteer.

My first month back in the U.S., I did a lot of traveling to see family and friends. Then my brother got married. Then I spent another month trying to figure out where to go next (which was kind of my worst fear realized, but really wasn’t so bad, all things considered. I actually kind of enjoyed it.)

In November, I got a job and moved to California. I showed up on the doorstep of a house I had never been to, backpack on my back and rolling my little purple suitcase, to live with 3 other women I had never met. It ended up being a wonderful living situation. But the entire time I was there, I never fully settled in, because it wasn’t “my” space.

California is beautiful, but for awhile it was hard to enjoy.

California is beautiful, but for awhile it was hard to enjoy.

I was also trying to figure out my new job, fit in with my new coworkers, make new friends, and re-learn how to navigate humongous grocery stores, the English language, and social situations. The holidays happened and I was taken aback at how I felt about finally being home for Christmas.

Things got a little rocky for me, mentally. I was in a beautiful place, at a job I really liked, but it was still winter. My mind seemed to automatically go into hibernation mode. I hadn’t made as much progress as I thought I would have by that point. Fitting in was harder than I expected. Connecting with people was awkward and strange, and there was some crucial element missing from my life that I couldn’t put my finger on.

But somehow I pushed through. What else could I do?

January was spent looking for a new place to live. That was my entire focus, so even though other things were going on, I put everything else on the back burner.

Finally, at the beginning of February, my dream of two years ago came true. I sat out on the balcony in my bare feet, eating scones and drinking coffee in my new apartment.

Things have definitely been turning around.

Life really is beautiful.

Life really is beautiful.

But now that all my attention is not taken up by apartment hunting, I have time to focus on other things—like my blog, which no longer lives up to my standards.

There are several aspects that I haven’t been satisfied with lately, and now I need to deal with them. These include:

  • Grainy iPhone photos—I would like to start using a real camera again for my pictures.
  • Old non-responsive website design—I need a modern site that works better on mobile devices.
  • Boring blog posts—I haven’t put as much time and effort into some of my entries as I would like. It’s important to me to post on a regular schedule, but I don’t want to post just for the sake of posting. I took a break last Friday, because I wasn’t happy with how my Flashlight Friday post was shaping up and I unfortunately ran out of time to fix it. Instead of posting as-is, I decided to skip a day. But I definitely don’t want to make that a habit.


  • I’m looking into buying a new camera.
  • I’m looking at new themes for my site.
  • And I’m going to spend February focusing on where I’m going to take my blog.

I’ll be doing a lot of planning and brainstorming this month, and hopefully emerge into March with a fresh new design and a clear direction for Traveling Ev.


Your turn to weigh in. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for my blog? What would you like to see changed? What do you want me to make sure to keep the same? Please comment below.

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