The Couch-less Statute of Limitations

By | February 12, 2014
The house I grew up in

The house I grew up in

I lived in the exact same house for 18 years. Those years were blissful, in that I never had to worry about obtaining and transporting household goods. We always had at least 2 couches, 2 lazy-boys, another chair or love seat, a kitchen and/or dining room table, plenty of kitchen chairs, a bench, dishes, silverware, a toaster, mixer, oven, refrigerator, washer, dryer, cleaning supplies, vacuum, toys, books, decorations, and almost as many beds as there were people in the house.

Then, the day after I graduated from high school, I moved out, into a furnished apartment that my friends were already living in. All I needed were my clothes. A year later, I moved again, to a furnished house. Then again to a furnished house, then to a furnished apartment, then again, and again, and again, and again—for a total of 13 moves to furnished pads.*

One of the many places I have lived since high school

One of the many places I have lived since high school

I had to provide my own bed for a couple of them, I brought a table to another, and for one other place I had to find a toaster and help replace an oven. But overall, I’ve had remarkable fortune when it came to finding a new place to live—and very little headache in the physical moving department.

So I could say that almost my entire life has been blissful, in that I’ve barely had to worry about obtaining and transporting household goods.

I already wrote about the first time that I moved into a completely unfurnished apartment. That was just over 3 years ago, when I moved to San Diego, CA, before getting my Peace Corps invitation.

This, my friends, is the second time—my 15th move since high school, and only my second completely unfurnished apartment.**

It’s been an adventure all its own, as the first week was spent sleeping in my new bedroom in a sleeping bag on the floor. (Bedding? Pillow? Nope, didn’t own any of that, either.)

No bed? No problem. Just sleep on the floor for awhile.

No bed? No problem. Just sleep on the floor for awhile.

I finally found a bed on Craigslist, but didn’t have a way to transport it. My mode of getting around these days is a simple two-wheeled bike.

Fortunately, my friends were able to help me out.

How do you transport a bed? Apparently you can just strap it to the roof of your friend's car!

How do you transport a bed? Apparently you can just strap it to the roof of your friend’s car!

I have a desk from a garage sale, and managed to find a kitchen table and chairs from another Craigslist posting.

But even after getting all of that, plus dishes and silverware, and a vacuum, and my roommate’s bed, and blankets, and pillows, and pots and pans, and a coffee maker, and dish soap, and garbage bags, and a bunch of other things, the apartment is still conspicuously bare in one very obvious place.

The living room.

The living room is kinda bare right now.The living room is kinda bare right now.

The living room is kinda bare right now.

What to do?

How long is considered an okay time to have nowhere comfortable to sit and hang out in the living room? I feel like there must be a statute of limitations on such a state of affairs.

But it’s already been two weeks and I don’t feel like we’re any closer to finding a solution. Scouring Craigslist, looking at President’s Day sales, checking online stores, I’ve come to the conclusion that couches are either:

A.) very expensive or

B.) free pieces of junk.

And in both cases, everyone hates moving them.

For now I guess I’ll continue lounging on the floor, or I’ll just spend more time at work, where we have 3 couches to sit on.

Something reasonable is bound to come along. Right? A nice couch, at a decent price, with help delivering it to my door. Is that so much to ask? (Oh yeah, and balcony chairs. And a coffee table. And a lamp or two. And end tables. And a bookshelf. But mostly, a couch.)

Anyway, I hope that we can agree to extend the looming “It’s High Time You Had a Couch” deadline a couple more weeks. Just in case.


* (This is not counting all the times I moved back to my parents’ house in between my other moves.)

**(Or do you count my apartment in Armenia? I don’t, because although there was no washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, or oven, and only one chair, there was a bed, desk, couch, and wardrobe.)


Have you moved much (or ever)? How was it? How long did it take you to find a couch? How long did it take to upgrade from your first couch? Comment below.

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3 thoughts on “The Couch-less Statute of Limitations

  1. Ruthann

    I’ve moved a few times… 🙂 My advice? Ikea. They have a futon that works just fine, and it turns into a bed if you ever have company that needs one. It is also realitivly cheap, and semi-easy to transport as it comes unassembled. Who knows, maybe they even deliver? Good luck…

  2. Andrea

    Unlike my little sister, I have had to furnish almost all the place I’ve moved into. And I brought the same stuff with me every time. And NONE of it ever ended up in the spare garage at my parents’ house.

    You don’t need a couch…

  3. melissa

    You just need a circle of beanbags, and you’ll be all set.

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