I Don’t Want to be Bald Forever

By | February 19, 2014


If I associate the word with me, I start feeling a little jittery. I’m not used to accumulating stuff.

I have some stuff. {gets nervous, looks over shoulder.}

I keep getting more stuff. {starts to sweat, shudders visibly.}

I can no longer fit all of my stuff into one small vehicle and drive away. {cue terrified scream}

I used to be able to fit all of my possessions in this car.

I used to be able to fit all of my possessions in this car.

It’s honestly a scary feeling—kind of like I’ve been captured on a boat and someone is slowly adding more and more ankle weights and planning to push me overboard into the deep dark water.

It's deceptively enticing, but you don't want to go overboard.

It’s deceptively beautiful and enticing, but you don’t want to go overboard.

See, here’s the problem:

The more stuff I accrue, the harder it is to move, later on down the road. And if it’s hard to move, that means I might have to stay.

Not that I don’t love my new job and my new apartment and this incredibly beautiful Californian seaside landscape. I totally do.

It’s just… I’m hesitant.

A rolling stone gathers no moss, you know? It’s fun to be free. I like to keep moving.

But I don’t want to be bald forever.

So I’m at odds with myself, trying to figure out how to settle in and live a less nomadic life without feeling too constrained. Kamats-kamats, as they say in Armenian. Little by little.

I really really want to completely furnish and decorate my new apartment. I want to own beautiful things. I want to have plants on my balcony and a surfboard in my closet.

But here’s a secret for you. I’m a teeny bit relieved that I don’t have a couch yet.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by bringing more stuff into your life? Are you more like the bald rolling stone, or like the moss-covered rock, firmly entrenched in the ground? Which would you prefer to be? Comment below.

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