How to Regain Contact With People You Think Have Forgotten You

By | January 29, 2014

I love February, which is why I’m mentioning it early this year. I want you to have a reason to look forward to February, too.

Letter Writing Month is Almost Here!

Letter Writing Month is Almost Here!

Excitement! February is Letter Writing Month! (Yes, it’s a thing.) It’s “a simple challenge designed to help you slow down and connect with people one at a time, through the mail.”

It’s super super easy. Just get 24 envelopes and stamps and put them in a noticeable location (but not where thieves might find them) to get yourself started.

Then gather some addresses. You can literally get them from just about anywhere. The phone book. Business cards. Signature lines in emails. Return addresses on stuff you’ve gotten in the mail. Blog posts. Your little black book. Ask someone for their address at work, on the bus, over the phone, through a text message, when you’re out having coffee, in the street, over Skype.

You don’t even need a bunch of addresses. Heck, if you live with someone, mail them something every day to their address—you already know THAT one, right? (Hint: It’s your address, too! Just don’t mail it to yourself…That’s lame, and won’t have much impact, UNLESS there’s a crowd around when you get it.) If you don’t live with someone, send mail to your neighbor. (Hint: It’s probably just one number off from your address.)

There aren’t any rules for this SUPER FUN GAME except to mail something to someone every day the post office is open in February. Could be the same person, could be the same thing. (And with the deep freezes going around, you might luck out and the post office will be closed an extra day or two!*)

Here are some ideas for what you can mail:

  • Birthday cards, to February birthdays (or whatever month birthdays)
  • Christmas cards that you procrastinated on
  • Thank you cards for all the nice things people have done for you lately (or ever)
  • Care packages to people you know who are far away (or who are close by… why not?) Just make sure you touch the item(s)…You kinda miss the point if you’re just ordering stuff online to be sent to someone else.
  • A piece of foreign currency in an envelope
  • A beautiful color swatch to a friend it reminds you of
  • A quilt square—surely you know someone who likes quilting
  • A Valentine…or a love note…or a like note…or just a note. “Thinking of you!” (Doesn’t have to mention if the thought was good or bad)
  • A recipe you tried and liked (Or a recipe you want someone else to try and report back to you)
  • A colored picture (remember how much fun coloring books are?)
  • A page from a dictionary (you don’t need it anyway—see
  • A drawing (doesn’t have to be good. Say your son drew it.)
  • Or… An actual letter, through the mail!

It’s a brilliant concept. I love Letter Writing Month. This is my third year in a row, sending something through the mail every day of the month that the post office is open.

Did you get anything from me for Letter Writing Month last year, or the year before? (Did you love it?)

Did you participate, even a little bit? (Do you want to this year?)

If you want me to send you something in February, I would be delighted! Just email me your address at: evelyn [at] travelingev [dot] com. I will mail to anywhere in the world.

If you want to write to me, please send me an address request, and I will let you know where you can mail it. I’ll also definitely respond to any correspondence I receive. 🙂


Now, please comment below. What are your thoughts on Letter Writing Month? Got any super ideas for how you can contribute, or what other people should send you?


*See how easy I’m making this for you???

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2 thoughts on “How to Regain Contact With People You Think Have Forgotten You

  1. Ruthann

    Hmm… I’m thinking the Christmas cards should make an appearence. It actually sounds kinda fun to do this, maybe I’ll try it out for a few days, anyhow.

    1. Ev Post author

      Yay! It’s a fun way to get those pesky ol’ Christmas cards out the door! If you really get on a role, you could front-load the month, so you get a bunch of things mailed right away, then if you slack towards the end of February, you can still congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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