I Feel Uninteresting

By | January 22, 2014

It’s gotta be from all the sugar.

Massive Piece of the Best Carrot Cake Ever

Massive Piece of the Best Carrot Cake Ever

My friend Brian came to visit over the weekend and we treated ourselves to cake at a local restaurant in Monterey.

The Biggest "Slice" of Lemon Cake I've Ever Seen

The Biggest “Slice” of Lemon Cake I’ve Ever Seen

We never imagined we would be getting the entire cake, in the shape of a slice. These pieces are even bigger than they look in the pictures.

We ate as much as possible for lunch on Sunday, walking out of the restaurant buzzing with sugar and weighted down with the leftovers. We met our friends that evening and shared the cake with them. Then Brian left and I brought what was left back to my house.

Yesterday, I had cake for dinner, straight out of the plastic container.

Leftovers of Carrot and Lemon Cakes

Leftovers of Carrot and Lemon Cakes

Tonight I had cake for dinner, too.

Although it’s still not all gone, I should probably put an end to the gluttony. I’m beginning to feel fat and lazy and uninteresting. I hate feeling that way, no matter how much I love carrot cake!

Sugar seems to do that to me. If it’s around, I can’t stop eating it. And because I can’t stop eating it, I start to feel sick. And because I start to feel sick, I don’t feel like exercising. And because I don’t feel like exercising, I don’t get all those happy endorphins flowing. And because I don’t get those happy endorphins flowing, I don’t feel creative. And because I don’t feel creative, I feel like I’m uninteresting in general, which means no excitement in life or blog posting.

And that’s the worst!

So, sayonara, CAKE. I’m gonna eat healthy the rest of the week and get my “interesting” back!


Do you love cake? What’s your favorite kind? How much do you think you could eat before you feel as sick as I do, looking back at the pictures?

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4 thoughts on “I Feel Uninteresting

  1. Katrina H

    The first time Russ requested I make carrot cake I asked him to peel the carrots. He exclaimed: “There are CARROTS in carrot cake?!?!” 🙂

    1. Ev Post author

      Katrina, I actually had the same sort of reaction when I learned that… But I kept it hidden… Also, can you believe I’ve never actually MADE carrot cake???

  2. Hannah

    I LOVE cake!! That looks soooooo delicious. YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM

    1. Ev Post author

      Hannah, I figured you would be all over that! Come out to visit me in Monterey, and I’ll treat you to your own slice, any flavor! They had at least 20 different cakes in the display case when I was there.

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