2014–The Banshee From the Frozen North

By | January 6, 2014

Ah, 2014. You came blowing in like a frigid white banshee straight from the frozen North. You have already caused me to question my sanity, my reasoning, and my judgment, and you have severely tested my patience and my endurance.

Are you preparing me for hard months to come, or is the worst of what you’re bringing already over?

2014, you have not made travel easy so far this year.

2014, you have not made travel easy so far this year.

You have me wondering whether your entire makeup is shattered dreams, depressed stares, and “learning moments.” Who am I kidding? I haven’t learned anything from the crap you’ve put me through… is that the point? Are you going to keep throwing **it at me until I recognize the gift you are offering?

Or, my spunky 2014, are you a study in contradictions? Will you next show me all the beauty in the world, offer me my pick of dazzling possibilities, and make sorrow and anger disappear forever?

2014, your beauty is deceptive.

2014, your beauty is deceptive.

Somehow, I doubt it.

Your cousin, 2013, was a weird one, full of her own surprising turns. I never did get used to her. She disappeared in a swill of eggnog and Ginger Ale and I secretly bade her good riddance even as I thanked her for delivering me back to America halfway through her life.

And then you appeared, a beast like none I’ve ever encountered, and you’ve got me wondering what on earth you have in store for me. To be honest, I’m a little nervous. You’re tricky and unpredictable. What if I’m not tenacious enough to confront all your challenges?

2014, it's hard to see clearly.

2014, it’s hard to see clearly.

I’m running on 5 hours of sleep, 2014, and I have a feeling you don’t really care. I can see you laughing and rubbing your hands together gleefully as you plan your next stunt.

Well I won’t have it. I will not be a plastic bag blown every which way by your gale force winds. Nor will I be a broken umbrella in the corner, safe from your tempests but useless and forgotten.

2014, if you think you can push me around or get me cowering from you in fear, you have another think coming. I’m going to charge right back at you with a fire under my butt and purpose in my eyes.

Stick around a little while and you’ll see what I mean. You, 2014, are about to get OWNED!


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2 thoughts on “2014–The Banshee From the Frozen North

  1. Lee

    2014 will be the Year of Changes, guaranteed. Best wishes in your ownership of it. We’ll be keeping you company as we take it on and take it over!

    Go, Ev, go!

    1. Ev Post author

      Thanks, Lee. I think you’re right. Happy New Year!

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