Things I Have Done in Armenia That I’ll Probably Never Do Again

By | July 18, 2013

Of course I should know better. Never say never. But here is a list of things I’ve done in Armenia that I don’t think I’ll ever do again.

  • Milked a cow while wearing house slippers
  • Did an Insanity workout without sweating because it was that cold in the house
  • Received and answered 91 hand-written letters from American 6th graders
  • Eaten Khash (cow hoof soup)
  • Eaten kyufta (kind of like meat loaf. kind of.) Eaten potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eaten potato sandwiches. Eaten mac and cheese with great pleasure. Eaten pizza with mayonnaise and peas and hot dogs on it.
  • Danced in the relatives’ circle at an Armenian wedding
  • Went to a Harry Potter party
  • Swept regularly with one of those two feet tall brooms
  • Been forced to make the choice between using my heater or my computer because of limited electrical resources
  • Laughed and cried in an unpredictable cycle countless times in one day
  • Walked over 300 kilometers in 21 days
  • Picked pieces of my ceiling out of my food
  • Watched a cow carcass being brought into the butcher shop from a car trunk
  • Taught computer classes in Armenian
  • Walked down a rickety plank to get out of a house
  • Thrown a potato party
  • Had sleepovers with 20+ people, including people over 55, where most of us slept in sleeping bags on the floor
  • Kept cheese cold in running water in the sink in lieu of a refrigerator
  • Paid less than $50/month for rent
  • Sat through an entire meal without speaking to anyone or anyone speaking to me
  • Watched a random tightrope walker that set up outside my apartment one day
  • Blown dust out of a computer with a hairdryer
  • Bought meat that was chopped in front of my eyes on a huge wooden stump┬áby a butcher with a gigantic axe
  • Ignored water leaking from my ceiling
  • Been invited into more random strangers’ houses than I can count to eat more food than I ever thought possible
  • Picked up a package from the post office that a rodent had chewed through first
  • Gotten a pillow stolen from my apartment
  • Stored food on top my dresser
  • Stayed away from the driver’s side of the car for 2 years
  • Witnessed a Soviet-style home permanent

Of course I should know better. Never say never.

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