Ev, What Do You Do?

By | February 18, 2013

It’s my first ever Q&A February 18. (I thought about making it a Q&A Monday, but that might be too much to expect from me…) Every February 18th is a little easier to manage than posting (and having to answer!) a new question every Monday, wouldn’t you agree?

So, the question is,

Evelyn, I know that you were on winter break from the college from December 25-February 11. That seems like a long time to not work, especially when it’s winter in Armenia. I’m just wondering, Ev, what do you do with all your spare time?

Here are some pictures to help answer this very intelligent question. In the comments below, please tell me which of these activities you would like me to elaborate on, in my next blog entry.

Winter Balcony Fresh Snow

I watch the snow fall.

Valentine's Day Card

I cut out hearts for Valentine's Day.

Mount Ararat View

I take pictures of Mount Ararat out the window of the marshutni.

Valentine's Day Dinner with Site mates

I have dinner with my site mates.

Snowy Mountains at Sunset

I watch the mountains change colors in the sunset.

Karitas Kids with One World Art Exchange Drawings

I tell kids to draw pictures.

Menk Enk Armenian Newspaper

I design Armenian newspapers.

Trndez Fire Armenia

I watch people dance around and jump over fires. I also jump over the fire.

Ev Reading Book

I read stories to kids.

Vardenis Sewing Products

I create websites for products sewn in Armenia.

Winter Village Scene in Armenia

I go for walks outside.

Valentine's Corner

I decorate my breakfast nook.

I guess you can say I’ve been keeping busy, although all of these activities have been interspersed with many hours of sleeping and watching TV shows on my computer and thinking about the future. (Sorry, no pictures of these exciting things!)

Again, in the comments below, please tell me which of these activities you would like me to elaborate on, in my next blog entry.

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10 thoughts on “Ev, What Do You Do?

  1. Brian

    Eve, did you forget you went on vacation too? And skyped a couple times with us? and baking bread… i suppose it’s hard to cover everything you did for a whole month and 1/2.
    Good to see you’re keeping busy, at least most of the time.

  2. Andrea

    I want to know more about your valentines corner and where those two adorable figurines came from!

  3. Wayne Burt

    I just want to thank you for the pictures. A few years from now I’ll know how much you’ll appreciate seeing the same thing from future A’s.

  4. MuMu

    MuMu says ๐Ÿ™‚ may your own kids someday be numerous and bountiful as the bunch of kids you are entertaining in that picture.
    Could you just reply to this comment to give the Web-addresses of products sewn by those women in Armenia ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

  5. MuMu

    May I suggest as their web address something that “google” and other search engines will pick up easily, like including “apron” and “Armenia” in the address: How about:
    As to the second link you gave:
    That is with HTTP, as without it there is no connection:

    1. Ev Post author

      Thanks for the suggestions. They have already purchased the domain name, and settled on VardenisSewing because they didn’t want to focus on just one product. The descriptions on the pages will have to suffice for being picked up on Google searches. I have changed the link to the Pinterest site in my previous comment.

  6. MuMu

    Great! Their focus is beyond what they are making now. Fabulous!
    How about those elastic wristbands? Like the tennis players use.
    I use mine when at the computer at my right wrist –the one I hold the mouse with, it keeps my wrist safe from friction on table.
    They need elastic material for those. Also making headbands from same material might sell.
    How about those traditional Armenian carpet or woven hats for both sexes?
    Here is a website that sells made in Armenia items located in New England, good source for ideas:

  7. MuMu

    Here is another site:


    This is a blog by a woman in Yerevan. She sometimes posts good pictures of Armenian crafts, handcrafts items. Besides some very good photography and anything she likes like fashion. Once in a while I go there, the site is a bit slow.

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