Post-Vacation State of Mind

By | January 13, 2013

Almost 50% into this month, and I have done less than 5% of the things on my monthly goals list. Instead of inspiring momentum, my optimistic post about goals seems to have frozen me directly in my tracks.

It’s either that, or the fact that I just got back to Armenia from an eventful vacation to Prague.

Ev in Prague

This is me in Prague, with the beautiful Prague Castle in the background

As one who likes to savor things, I can’t seem to let this vacation go and get back to life in Armenia. All I want to do is lay snug in bed all day, dreaming about it, thinking about it, remembering it all, turning it over and over in my head, looking at it from all different angles, until I can make sense of all the things that happened there.

~ And believe me, a lot of things happened there. ~

I don’t want to leave my apartment to walk outside in the snow, I don’t want to unpack, I don’t want to do my dishes in freezing cold water, I don’t want to eat potatoes. Instead, I want to mire myself in the past–a very unhealthy state of mind in which to remain.

At least I know that, right?

I’m not unhappy to be back. I’m just unprepared to continue on immediately with “life as usual.”

But… I have to get a blog entry written. (Thank you, monthly goals!) So there you have it. Ev’s state of mind. Not the worst it’s ever been, could be better, and bound to improve with a little more time.

Next post, sure to be much more colorful and uplifting, once I’ve finished editing photos, highlights of my trip to Prague!

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