Bean Bag Chairs in the Conference Room

By | January 22, 2013

Imagine collaborating and hanging out with some of the smartest, craziest, most passionate people in the world.

Profit sharing, annual dinners and parties, a designer office, monthly social events, mentorship, training programs, free tickets to events with names like “Awesomeness Fest,” access to a personal development library, an annual company retreat to a paradise island…..

Yes, I just described perks of the company I want to work for after I’m done with Peace Corps.

Oh yeah, and their conference room has bean bag chairs.

The company is located in Malaysia. It’s called Mind Valley.

Mindvalley is one of the world’s fastest growing new media publishing companies, and we’re in the business of spreading enlightened ideas.

We take publishing to the next level. We connect personal growth authors with the Internet generation through new media platforms like video, mobile apps and social networks.

I want to work there.

We believe work needs to be fun, educational and something that makes you so excited that you jump out of bed each morning. So screw the traditional 9-to-5 job. Instead, get paid to play, create, learn and grow. It’s like being a child again. But with a salary. Over the last few years we’ve won awards and accolades for creating one of the most unique and desirable work cultures in the world.

In order to apply, I have to make a 3-minute video cover letter and post it on YouTube. Do a search for “Mind Valley Cover Letter” on YouTube and see what comes up. Some of them are really good. Some….. well, I wouldn’t hire them.

I want to make a video cover letter that gets me hired! The two advertised jobs that I am most interested in are: the “Web + Production Designer/Front-end Developer” and the “SEO Specialist.”

So in between creating new wall decorations and fixing the leaky hole in my kitchen ceiling, I have been working on my video.

Kitchen Ceiling Armenia

This is my kitchen ceiling, where water has been coming in.

Wall Decorations of Dried Oranges, Pine Cones, and a Painting of Prague

I bought the painting of Prague in Prague, deciding that I will start collecting paintings from the places I've been. I dried the oranges myself and finally strung them up, and I recycled the pine cones from my Christmas decorations. The string is a piece of clothesline I cut and then unraveled to make it thinner.

It’s still in the beginning stages, so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions of how I can make myself stand out and highlight the uniqueness of my Peace Corps situation, I’m all ears!

Stay tuned, because when the video is done, I will be posting a link, for all the world to see!

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