Thanksgiving in the Deep South

By | December 4, 2012

I had an incredible Thanksgiving this year. There were tons of things to distract me from it, including writing my novel, the demise and reincarnation of my computer, and helping another volunteer out at her organization. But everyone else pulled through, and because of them, I am very thankful that Thanksgiving was a complete success!

Along with 13 other volunteers, I celebrated in the deep south of Armenia. To get there, we had to drive about 8 hours over a couple mountain ranges with snow and heavy fog. I saw Iran, on the other side of the rickety barbed wire fence and across the river, which was crazy.

We had a decorating contest with the Thanksgiving group in the north, but they didn’t actually know about it–it was all in David’s head. Oh well. David and Jessica, our incredibly talented crafters, did an awesome job “beating them.” We had Indian headdresses, and a Pilgrim “toastmaster” hat, pomegranate turkeys, a table runner, fall leaf decorations, and a homemade cornucopia!

One final fun thing (for me, at least) was that we had 14 people there, which is the exact amount of siblings I had. So I named all my Peace Corps friends by my siblings’ names. It was fun to have a dinner with all my brothers and sisters this year. Thanks for indulging me!

See pictures for more…

One final thing was figuring out who owed how much money. We added up all the expenses and split them evenly. I created a spreadsheet in Excel and took charge of that. If you’d like to see part of it, click the link. (It was actually more complicated, because there were some expenses that some people didn’t take part in, and thus didn’t have to pay for, but the link shows the general idea.) The main reason I volunteered to do this (besides the fact that no one else wanted to touch it with a 10-foot pole) was because I needed a real-world Excel lesson for my students at the college. Bingo! This spreadsheet is designed, uses formulas, and is relatively easy to explain.

Thanksgiving Money Numbers

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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in the Deep South

  1. Mu Mu

    🙂 Hello Ev jan! 🙂 Keep the festive spirit rolling specially this coming Christmas and the new year. Here in USA, on December 21 known as the dooms-day, we are expecting any one of those or combination of them: ET invasion from space to barbeque humans as their favorite meal; big earthquakes in Madrid faults-California-East coast; big tsunami over west & east coasts; a pole shift of the earth that will send us to prehistoric time living; USA going underwater by a biblical flood; a big comet/asteroid striking earth at US; a rogue planet X passing near earth causing havoc on USA. What I am trying to tell you –Armenia now looks to be the safeties place on earth, after all if Noah could make it into Armenia for survival you PCVs can make it too. Get together on December’s doomsday to encourage and pray that the world will not end…and if this physical nasty world comes to an end then everyone will ascend to a higher realm full of light, happiness, and everlasting love: our true home! 🙂

  2. Mu Mu

    Hi Ev! would you be able to pass this request to PCVs working in the town of Gyumri in the north. Here is the site address in need of help:

    Gyumri-based organization, seeks short term volunteers to support the organization’s activities aimed at providing orphan children with mentoring relationships with professional adults — helping to improve academic achievement, problem-solving ability, setting and aspiring to reach short and long term goals, preparing for college and a career, and improving self esteem.

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