Scared to Leave

By | April 3, 2011
Ev Freaking Out

Agghhh!!! I'm going to Armenia for two years!

I had a minor freak-out session this morning. I started thinking about all the things I will miss from the U.S. when I go to Armenia for two years, and everything that I want to do before I leave. The time I have left here is running short—one month in San Diego, and one month visiting family and friends back home in Michigan and Minnesota.

Although my life has not been the typical “stable” or “settled” life that a lot of people live, I am still nervous about giving up the things I know, having to start all over meeting new friends and learning another new place. And I am scared about how my relationships will change because I will be gone for so long.

I know this is something I want to do, and I know that things will turn out well. I’m confident that I will make new friends and become familiar with Armenia. There is so much I’m excited about, but today I was in doubt.

However, it didn’t last too long, and to boost my mood and get me into an international mood, I went to Balboa Park to check out the International Houses. According to their website, “The House of Pacific Relations (HPR), located in San Diego’s Balboa Park , is a consortium of ‘houses’ representing 32 countries.” Each house is decorated on the inside to display photographs, cultural items, and information about a different country. They reminded me a little bit of the international houses set up during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. (Except these ones didn’t have long lines, the food samples were donation-only, and I was able to go in all of them.) It was too bad that there wasn’t an Armenian House, but I did enjoy the quick cultural tour. 

There was also a lawn program with all kinds of international dances that I enjoyed watching. 

Mexican Dancer

This Mexican dancer was part of the HPR Queens Lawn Program in Balboa Park, San Diego

So yay! I’m feeling better already, and getting really excited to share my up-coming adventures with all of you!

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2 thoughts on “Scared to Leave

  1. JudySmith

    My husband and I are going to Armenia June 1 also! Can’t wait to met you. Read your bio and it was fascinating for someone so young. Enjoy your last month in the US. We were just in Niger as PC volunteers and were evacuated due to security concerns, and now are invitees to Armenia. We loved Niger and wanted to stay but PC service was suspended indefinitely there. We look forward to Armenia as being a totally different experience. Dave will be in small business development. I will teach English to secondary students. We will all learn together and trust me, you’ll find that your fellow PC A-19 group will become a tightly bonded group before you know it. The time will pass quickly and you’ll be back home all too quickly. Since you are from a colder state, Michigan, the climate will not be as harsh to you as to us from North Carolina—–and Niger. At least you don’t have to worry about that!! See you soon. Judy Smith

    1. Ev Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Judy. I look forward to meeting you both!

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