Change is in the Air

By | December 11, 2010

Seems that a lot of changes are happening in my life right now. Some appear positive, some appear negative. All are challenging in their own ways. Here’s a sampling:

  • The change of seasons… Not so apparent in San Diego, but I was back in upper Michigan for Thanksgiving and saw a lot of this: (see below)
Snow on Tree Branches

Seasons (and a lot of other things) are changing

  • It was sort of fun to see snow, but I wasn’t prepared for it, and had no desire to go hunting for my snowpants, winter jacket, boots, hat, scarf, etc. In a highly uncharacteristic manner, I spent an entire day indoors, because I did not want to be out in the snow. (I usually like being outside, and I enjoy many winter activities like snowboarding, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing.) After a week of blizzards, I was very happy to get back to San Diego and palm trees.



    • I got my hair done the other day, at the Revive Salon and Spa, where I volunteered to be a hair model. It was a really fun and interesting experience for me. Kendall (my hairdresser, pictured on the left below) was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed our three hour visit. 🙂


  • The massage school I was going to is closing its doors. They ran out of money and can no longer afford to keep the school going. I went to class today, to be told that they can’t afford to finish out the massage tech progam; about 60% of the hours have been completed. Unfortunately, I will not be able to receive credit for any of those hours, because I did not complete the whole class and have no transcript to add hours to. They are still figuring things out; I believe that others in the school have more pressing issues than I do, so I am not going to worry about it.
  • I have one more Spanish class and then I am done with that 8 week class. So after Tuesday, I will be back to no structure in my days. Absolutely nothing I have to do at a certain time and nowhere I have to be. Nobody expecting me to show up for anything. I do not recommend being in this type of situation for very long. Believe it or not, it can be very stressful and lonely. I am looking into my options of what I want to schedule next for myself.
  • One project is…. I am working on a new website, It will (hopefully soon) replace this blog (, and be way better and have tons more traffic. 🙂 It is still a work in progress, as I JUST started on it, but I have all day, every day to work on it, if I so desire, so I should be able to get it to where I want it to be before too much longer.
  • My work is taking a new turn. (Yes, I actually have been working lately—a little—from home, putting in a few hours every day.) I have been doing marketing consulting via phone, where I call my client once per week to brainstorm marketing ideas and follow up on the previous weeks’ call, to make sure that she is taking care of her commitments. I have also been writing a lot of website copy, optimizing for search engines, and helping fix small technological problems. I have been enjoying this type of work. If you’re interested in learning more, please let me know. * Disclaimer: I may not be available for very long, however, because……
  • I found out that I should be hearing from the Peace Corps by January 1st, as to whether or not I am accepted into the program I have been nominated for. This program leaves mid-February or March. This is super exciting, scary news for me. It’s been almost a year since I started the process, but suddenly it feels like the final verdict is coming too soon. Am I ready to hear it???
  • There has been a high number of impactful deaths in my life this past year. One was the death of a long-term relationship; two were deaths of very dear older people in my life; one was the unexpected death of someone I’ve known in the community for a long time; and one was a bizarre and sad circumstance that someone I know very well witnessed first-hand. My mind is spinning as I consider all of this and what it means to me. Until now, I have felt fortunate that there has not been much sadness and grief in my life, caused by death. It’s hard…

I was speaking to a friend this evening, and I mentioned all the changes I have been experiencing, most notably the END of so many parts of my life. And she said, “Sometimes, when you are destined for excellence, you have to make room for it by clearing out other things in your life. Excellence can take up a lot of space. You have to end all these other things so you have room for a new beginning.”

Well said, and great food for thought.

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