Novelist Completes Another Book, titled "Development"

By | November 29, 2010
NaNoWriMo Winner 2010

NaNoWriMo Winner 2010

This is the awesome message that awaited me when I submitted my novel in full, to NaNoWriMo this morning. 50,339 words in less than 30 days, and I can proudly say that I am a two-time novelist!

By Evelyn Helminen

Several people, all stemming from different backgrounds, attend a personal development workshop. There is a death at the workshop, and everyone deals with it in their own way. This story follows the path of a few of the workshop attendees, as they try to carry on with their normal lives, while dealing with the baggage of their past and processing what they learned and experienced at the workshop.


“Think of the last time you told yourself you needed to exercise,” Bowman continued. “Did you do it? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. But that’s not the issue; that’s not what you need to be saying to yourself. Instead, you have to tell yourself who you are. If you decide to BE in shape, if you decide to BE active, if you ARE athletic, then by default, you WILL exercise. You can’t not do it, because it is part of who you are! Do you follow me?” He paused at looked hard out at the audience. He raised his voice and jabbed at the air, poking holes in the excuses flying out of the room with his very convincing points. “I said, DO YOU FOLLOW ME?!?”

“YES!!!” Was the resounding answer, Lennie’s voice possibly being the loudest in the cacophony of voices. He was grinning from ear to ear. It was so simple! All he had to do was BE thin, and he would be thin! How could it get any easier than that? A vague voice whispered in his head, “There’s more to it than that, Lennie. You’ve been here before, heard this message before, and did you heed it then? No. So why would it be different now?” Lennie pushed the voice aside until it melded into the background and disappeared into the past of self pity and broken promises made to himself.

As with last year, a lot of it needs a lot of help and polishing up, should I ever decide to pursue publishing – or letting anyone read it. But I finished, and that was the goal, so I am rightly proud of myself. 🙂

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