Waiting… To Do Errands

By | October 27, 2010

Before I begin my story of today, here’s a picture of two limes, some cilantro, and scatterings of chopped onion, which accompanied the tortilla soup I had for lunch on Sunday. (Anything to add a little visual interest to my otherwise unillustrated post!)


I feel like I spent the entire day either on the bus, or waiting for the bus. With three whole errands to run, you wouldn’t think that would take all day.

  1. First, I went to Body Mind College to discuss my options of joining their Massage Technician class next week.
  2. Then I went to Wells Fargo to cash a check.
  3. Finally, I went to the Post Office to pick up a flat rate box so I could mail some clothes I borrowed back to my sister. (Once she found out I was staying in San Diego instead of just here on vacation, she requested a few things back. Looks like my plan of gaining an entire new wardrobe for eternity failed!)

These three errands all required a bit of detective work to figure out where the places were located and how I could get to them. Number 1 required a trolley and two buses. Later, after two more buses and a trolley stop, I got to #2. I cashed my check, then immediately took the cash to a little cafe and bought a sandwich for my growling tummy. After re-boarding the trolley and disembarking at yet another stop, I accomplished errand #3. And then, completely worn out, I got on the trolley one last time…

A couple benefits came of my waiting game today, however.

  1. I finished my book, “Call the River Home,” by Frances Patton Statham. A historical fiction account of an 18th century Indian princess who kept the peace between the Indians and the southern colonists.
  2. The sun shone all day long and I got to spend a lot of my day outside, soaking up the rays.
  3. I was able to practice my skill of “patience,” which is what the Peace Corps asks of me, while I wait for word from them!
  4. My errands got done.
  5. Now I can truly enjoy sitting quietly at home, and I feel like I deserve this extra brownie that’s in my hand, on its way to my mouth.

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