Happy Birthday to Me: Quick Thoughts on Who I’ve Become

By | April 7, 2010

I’m 25 years old today. Somehow, when I was younger, I pictured it a lot differently. It would be more glamorous. I would be more famous, with more money, more established in my career. Cold, hard reality has a different version, however. Career? What career? I worked 9 hours last month. Not that I’m complaining. I’m just saying that my life hasn’t turned out the way I expected.

Married, with kids? Not a chance! And for that I am grateful, as I would not have been able to take the trips I’ve taken recently, trundling along a child or two. And my husband probably wouldn’t have been too happy to see me go on the trip solo…

A house owner? Nope. I’m not even a renter right now. Most of my things are in storage, in boxes back at my parents’ house, and I am once again on the road, on my way to Alaska. This is great for me, as it cuts down on expenses. Monthly utility bills, mortgage payments, maintenance fees, repair costs… None of these apply to me right now.

Another thing I never anticipated is that I’m living a more exciting and adventurous life than I thought I would have. It is only as I live each day on the road, doing new things and meeting new people, that I realize this is the life I love. A corporate job, working 40 hours per week at the same place day after day, going home to the same apartment night after night, wearing a rut deeper and deeper into my routine until I’m completely reluctant to change, is JUST NOT MY THING. I can’t bear the thought of that right now.

It may appear that I am being rather flippant about my life, or that I’m trying to “rub it in” to other people. I’m not. I know it’s possible to be happy and settled down and living a different sort of life than I am. If that’s you, I’m glad for you. It’s just not me, not right now. So I wanted to share my views so you could see that my side of the fence has green grass, too, and I like it over here!

That’s all I have time for right now… I’m back on the road, on my way to Alaska. (I love birthdays on the road, except I can’t throw myself a big party because most of my invitees wouldn’t be able to attend.) More entries coming up, regarding my past two months roaming around the country!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me: Quick Thoughts on Who I’ve Become

  1. Jennifer Skoog Photography

    Happy Birthday, Ev! Wonderful thoughts on your 25th Bday; life definitely is an interesting road that turns out differently than we might have thought it would, say, like when we were 12. I hope your trip is going well and I am very much excited to hang out again soon! Love and hugs, Jen

  2. Jack Bennett

    Very inspirational! Releasing attachment to material "stuff" is something that I've been working on a lot, and your path is a great example.

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