Going to Vancouver: How I make decisions

By | April 9, 2010
Last scene from Jackson Hole, Ben and I, skiing across a lake in the Grand Teton National Park.

Part of my Journal entry from Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010:
“Got my car checked out in the morning, and decided to go to Vancouver w/ Jarves.”

The backstory: Fact #1: My “check engine” light came on, on Tuesday. It freaked me out a little, because I knew I had a lot more driving to do, coming up real quick. Fact #2: I had been trying to decide for the past few days if I wanted to go to Vancouver to take in the Olympics scene, but hadn’t completely made up my mind.

Tuesday night, I decided, with finality, that I wasn’t going to go to Vancouver. A big, bustling city, with tons of extra people, a really long drive to get there, and events that would be too expensive to attend anyway were all of its non-selling points, in my opinion. Also, I was worried about my car, and wanted to get it checked out. That, in addition to the fact that I would be driving up with two guys, picking another guy up at the airport, and staying at a fourth guy’s house, leaving me, a female, sorely outnumbered, made up my mind. “Sorry, Jarves. I’m not going to come,” I told my friend, before going to bed.
Wednesday morning, in the shower, I changed my mind. People I know have raved about what a great city Vancouver is, and I sort of wondered what all the fuss was about. The Olympics were going on, and I was a little intrigued what it would be like, to be in the midst of all the confusion. There were bound to be free street events I could attend, and there would be at least one other female there, the girlfriend of the guy we knew who lived in Vancouver – who we would be staying with. When else would I have this great opportunity for free lodging in a city holding the Olympics, a cheap ride to get there, and guaranteed people to hang out with? Hello!?!! Why had I even considered not going??? I decided that if I could get my car checked out and get the “go ahead” from the mechanic, I would go to Vancouver, leaving that very afternoon. Otherwise I would hang out in Jackson, waiting around for however long it took to get my car fixed (which was sounding like a more and more boring decision by the second).
Well, it turned out there was nothing to worry about. (Something about a sensor… something, something, comes on after a certain mileage, etc., etc…. I know nothing about cars, and don’t ever remember the conversation once it’s over, especially if it’s not worth sweating over.) The mechanic was a very nice guy, didn’t charge me for running the scan, turned the light off for me, and sent me on my way.
That meant I was going to Vancouver!
Jarves and I drove separately, to Kellogg, ID, a long and beautiful drive, through crazy cloud formations, a beautiful sunset, and some really crazy weather involving snow.

We stayed at Tom’s that night, and the next morning, the three of us jumped in Jarves’ car and completed the drive to Vancouver, another beautiful day!

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