Getting Rowdy on Snowshoes

By | March 25, 2010
You may be able to figure the story out, just from the pictures… But I’ll add a few more details.
Our group of six decided to go snowshoeing in the Teton National Park.

Everyone else rented snowshoes. But I had my cross country skis with me, and decided to use them, instead of snowshoeing. I’m in the above picture, but I’m sort of hidden in the front of the group.

I wanted to snowshoe… I actually bought a pair of antique rawhide snowshoes at the antique store in Bozeman, MT the day before I got to Jackson! But they require a little bit of work before I actually strap them on to use, and I hadn’t done it yet. (I oiled the leather bindings, but I still need to put a couple coats of varnish on the rest, to prevent them from breaking or cracking when I use them.) So I left them in my car, and skied instead.

It was a really fun adventure! It ended up being sort of back-country skiing for me: up and down narrow hills, which probably would have been easier on snowshoes on the uphills, but was definitely more fun on skis on the downhills.
We took the trail all the way to Phelps Lake, which was covered with a layer of really deep snow. I stuck my ski pole down, all the way to the handle, and I’m not sure if I touched ice or not. This is where the guys decided to start tackling each other into the snow. (If you look back at the collage, you’ll see me on my skis in the background of some of the pictures, laughing, and trying to stay out of the way.)
This is also where Ben decided to do a headstand.
Another really good day in Jackson.

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