Happy New Year!

By | January 1, 2010

Here’s my happy post, so promised and so delivered!

We’ll start with the Christmas season. I enjoyed it immensely! Party after party after party with my relatives and friends, starting the Saturday before Christmas and ending the Sunday after Christmas. One of the highlights of the Torola party was a game where we split into three groups, each of which had to dress up one of the adults as Santa, using the materials provided. These materials included: a red plastic table cloth, sparkly white tissue paper, aluminum foil, tape, and a black garbage bag. Thanks to two of my uncles and my grandpa for being such good sports! (Note especially the fur beard (taken off a winter jacket hood), the awesome belt buckles, and the shoes. Also, realize that the santa on the left has a lump of coal in his bag.)

Three Santas

Three Santas

Next, we’ll talk about the snow. We’ve been getting a healthy amount of it, and I’ve been liking that, too (excepting Christmas day, where it rained, but I went snowboarding at Bohemia anyway). I dusted off my cross country skis and have already gone three times this year! The first was on Christmas Eve with my mom, the second was earlier this week with my friend, Heather, and the third was two days ago with my grandma.

I’ve also done a bit of snowboarding at Bohemia lately, but have been having too much fun to take any pictures. I may go again tomorrow, so I’ll try to get a picture then, to share with you all.

Of course, I need a topper on my car to carry all my winter sporting equipment, so here’s an updated picture of my car, fully outfitted:

And, although I don’t wake up all that early these days, and my house doesn’t really face the sunrise or the sunset, I managed to get a good sun view one morning, which was gorgeous over the fields of snow near my house.

(See? Life ain’t so bad!)

I’ve also started a couple new activities that I hope to continue through the New Year. One is that I started taking painting lessons from my grandma, a very good artist. Here is my first creation from my first lesson earlier this week.

I got knitting needles and some yarn for Christmas, so I am also learning how to knit. So far, I’ve been working on a long, scarf-like thing. I plan to rip it out, once I feel like I’ve gotten enough practice. Then I’ll start over with some real project in mind. Right now, I have no idea how to follow patterns or anything, so maybe I’ll practice that for awhile, too.

This started out with 25 stitches, and somehow worked its way up to 38 stitches! So on one row, I doubled up a whole bunch, to get it back down to a manageable 29 stitches. Yep, I’m still a beginner…

One more winter activity I like is building puzzles. Here is my current one: hot air balloons! I’ve never ridden in one, but that is something I plan to do on a future trip. (No specifics yet, in case you were wondering.)

And, of course, I’ve been reading a lot and visiting a lot of people, and sleeping a lot. Taking it easy… So there you go. Life, when I stop to think about it, really is enjoyable, even through all the mental and emotional anguish.

It’s so easy for me to look at someone else’s life and think that they have it so much better than me, because they have what I think I want. But I can only live my own life, so I may as well appreciate what I have. (And those of you who are envying me for all my freedom from ties and responsibilities that keep me at home, know that the grass ain’t always greener…)

I hope you all have a Happy New Year. Here’s to learning and growing and finding joy in 2010!

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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Anna

    Good happy post:) It's way to easy to get down on life and think everyone else must have it better (I know it happens to me); it's always good to step back and see the blessings you do have. Here's hoping you find what you're looking for in 2010!

  2. Jill - A Farmer's Wife

    Good luck with all of your new interests. Knitting can be relaxing and fun, even if it frustrates you. Pretty soon you'll be pro enough at it to knit while carrying on a conversation! (Harder than it sounds. Trust me, I know.) As for the happy post, it's good to see that you are counting your blessings. I had some dark days last year but eventually I realized I needed to be happy with what I had, even if it wasn't what I felt I truly wanted. Funnily enough, as soon as I decided to be content with my life as it is, what I wanted most happened. Here's hoping the same happens for you in the new year!

  3. Jennifer Skoog Photography

    Great post, Ev! this is an inspiration to all (especially me) to start seeing and being content with the blessings in my life, even though it's not all how I want it. . . yes. today is a perfectly good day to be happy. just because. and to everyone who thinks life in Alaska is a "fairytale" life: yep, guess what- grass isn't always greener here.

    love and hugs.(and thanks!) Jen

  4. Lori

    A couple of comments: first, the painting is great! Like you can just jump in like that:) Second, the subaru looks amazing with the topper. Third, without getting gushy (you know I don't do that!), I love your honesty in the past few posts. We all have a tendency to think someone else has it all going on, but in reality we all have to deal with different issues. And I like what jen said that today is a perfectly good day to be happy! So true. Now, you know I'm not 'huggy', but here is a big virtual hug from me:) (that wasn't too gushy was it?!)

  5. Ev

    Thanks, everyone, for your delightful comments! May 2010 bring many "Happy Posts!"

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