Car Sickness? Get a New Car!

By | December 16, 2009

My drive from Lansing to Duluth took over 11 hours. Ugh. My car, a small purple Toyota Corolla, wasn’t much good for going faster than 60-65 mph. Any faster than that, and it would shake noticeably. (Even at that speed, there was a little shaking going on that I just tried to ignore.)

The first couple hours weren’t too bad, just driving, listening to a book. Then next couple hours weren’t too bad, either, even though traffic increased around Chicago and there was a lot of construction going on. I only got messed up once in all the detours.

I started getting hungry and thirsty, so I stopped a few times and got Vitamin Water once and Life Water a second time, got a package of Twizzlers Pull-N-Peel licorice, and a granola bar. I also ate the rest of my Rollos from the drive down, and had a slice of left-over pizza that I took with me from Sunday night. (Road food on a long drive day is rarely healthy or fulfilling.)

By the time I got to Eau Claire, I was ready to be done driving, but wanted to power through and just get it over with. So I continued on. It was dark and I was getting bored of driving and feeling tired. And I had a scratchy throat and a headache that kept getting worse. And then I started feeling nauseous. I had to keep rolling the windows down to get fresh air. I chewed gum, but I had already chewed a lot of gum and my jaws were too sore to keep working the gum. But the flavor kept the nausea down, so I just held the gum in my mouth.

The clock moved slowly, and the miles moved even more slowly. It became my goal to just get to Superior. I figured I’d pull into a gas station and rest for a little while before finishing my journey.

Finally, FINALLY, I got to Holiday in Superior. When I turned the car off, my world was spinning. I could still feel the car shaking, and everything I looked at was still moving. My headache got worse, and the nausea was still there. It felt like sea sickness. Must have been motion sickness from too many hours in a car that shakes. Well, that combined with not enough nutrition and not enough sleep.

I got out and walked around in the cool night air. It didn’t help much. I called Tom to let him know where I was, and to tell him I needed to stop there for awhile before continuing on. He offered to come pick me up, and I accepted his offer. It was about the best thing I’d heard all day. I had been dreading trying to drive the rest of the way. Even the thought of starting up my car made my head spin and my stomach revolt.

So I laid down in my car and waited for him to show up. I think I fell asleep briefly, but then my stomach clenched. I tried to breathe deeply to keep everything down, but then the need became great. So I got out and walked to the darkened area near the back of the building. Then I puked. And dry heaved. And felt better, briefly, until round two commenced.

Tom finally arrived and brought me home; I retrieved my car the following day. I was feeling much better by then, thank you.

Anyway, I decided after that drive that I really did not like my car. No cruise control, too small, not good for winter driving, no roof rack, no all wheel drive, and way too shaky and loud while driving.

I have finally done something about it. A few days ago, I bought a new car! A Subaru Forester. It has all the things I want, and hopefully will last me a good long while. (Picture to be posted tomorrow.)

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    yay! Gotta love a Subi! (have to admit I'm a little jealous)

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