Progress on my November Novel

By | November 23, 2009

40, 620.

That’s how many words I have written in my novel so far. My goal every day has been to increase my previous days’ word count to the next 2,000. For instance, I started today at 40,168 and my goal for today is to at least reach 42,000. It’s been challenging for me, but not out of reach by any stretch of the imagination. So congratulations to me for not procrastinating on this!

There is just one week left to go before my novel has to be complete. And I’m happy to report that I am definitely on track to reaching the 50,000 word minimum!

My proudest part of this novel will be to have finished it. I do not delude myself that it is a great work of fiction. I came into it with no prior planning, no idea who my characters were or what they were like, and not a clue as to what was going to happen or what my “plot” was going to be. Quite honestly, I am still figuring all of this out. I am just letting the words take me through.

Most times, I just start writing, picking up wherever I left off. When I tire of one scene, I switch to another scene or another character’s point of view. There are cliches, awkward sentences, missing or disjointed details, and bad conversations everywhere in my novel. I have not read it through from start to finish yet and don’t plan to until well after I submit it to

Editing is highly discouraged for this challenge and I have taken them at their word. I have not edited much, and what I have “edited” was only to make another twist happen in my novel that previously would have been too much of a stretch, or to make something a little bit more clear. I may have done this twice. Or once.

I am highly self-conscious about my novel and its “plot,” as this is my first long work of fiction, and I don’t really feel like it even has a “plot” yet. When someone asks me what it’s “about,” I do not know what to tell them. I know people are asking me this in a general sense, as in, what have I been writing about for the last 40,000 words? There’s got to be something there by now, right? And yes, there is. I have a sort of storyline and things that happen to my characters.

So, without further ado, here it is:

Main characters are Lanna, Alyce, (pronounced like Aleece) Michael, and Rocky. The two girls are friends and the two guys are friends. Lanna and Michael were/are dating. Lanna thinks they’re not, because they haven’t talked in awhile. Michael thinks things are fine between them. But that’s a little bit besides the point.

Michael and Rocky are friends from far back who can only get together every year or so to hang out. This particular occasion, they go hiking and encounter a grizzly bear. Michael gets severely attacked and Rocky runs away and gets lost on the trail (which he later lies about to make himself look more heroic). Eventually, rescuers find them both and bring them to the hospital. Rocky is treated and released and Michael is admitted for his injuries. This is why he hasn’t been able to call Lanna.

Matters are more complicated by the fact that Lanna loses her phone, so that when he (actually his mom) can call her and let her know what’s going on, they cannot reach her.

Lanna and Alyce, meanwhile, go to spend some time at Alyce’s parent’s cabin, so Lanna can try to get over Michael. Events transpire against them and when they try to leave, Alyce’s car gets stuck in the mud and they have to stay there. A thunderstorm causes Alyce to freak out and accidentally pull a curtain and its rod down, which clunks Lanna on the head and renders her semi-comatose. Alyce goes to the senile neighbor lady to get help and they manage to get her to the hospital to get looked at.

That’s approximately where I’m at right now. That’s what my novel is “about.” And now, it’s time for me to get back to it, so wish me luck on bringing all this to a close!

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