Program Failure, Memory Faulty

By | November 12, 2009

I assume things went well for the rest of our trip.

I have a journaling program on my computer that has all my fun stories from the last few months written in it. And, wouldn’t you know, it just stopped working! I cannot open the program and don’t know why. I have put in a help request to the company that sells the program, and hopefully they can help me figure out how to fix the problem. (My novel is also stuck in this program, but luckily, through backdoor means, I was able to rescue it and continue working on it. I’m at 18,111 words.)

So, the last story from the trip home from Alaska goes like this: We stopped at Amnicon Falls campground for our last night before reaching Michigan and home.

Here are the falls:

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One thought on “Program Failure, Memory Faulty

  1. Andrea

    that was a joyful story. and quick. i didn't even have to feel guilty for taking the time to read it.

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