The Hottest Weather. Sept. 24th, 2009, North Dakota

By | November 4, 2009

A few days after the worst hike…

Just before 8:00 this morning we hit the road East, to get to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. It turned into a hot day, high 80’s, and the sun beat mercilessly on us in our non-air-conditioned discomfort. (That’s right, Tom’s van does not have AC!)

Somewhere in Montana, we lost our minds in the heat and the straight road, and started singing a duet that went something like, “We’re going bored, out of our gourds, In Montana, Montana, Montana…” with variations. That kept on for awhile. (Funny, but probably only to us.)

We got to the park and had to wait in line almost 20 minutes with the “flagger” because of road construction through the park. She was a nice girl, clearly very bored of standing there. She came to our open window to chat with us for awhile, which was different. (I’d say it was interesting, but, quite frankly, she didn’t have that much to talk about.) The best story she had was about a dog they discovered in the ditch earlier that day. Tom and I roasted in the sun while she droned on.

Site #27 had good shade, so that is where we set up camp. We ate cold bush pasty for dinner, then relaxed, reading, drawing, etc. As the sun went down, we took a walk to look at the river. It was pretty, but fairly uninspiring. Too murky to want to swim in.

I took one other picture on our walk, of a fluffy weed. Gorgeous, huh?

It cooled off, once the sun disappeared, which felt nice, but then the mosquitoes came out, which was not so great. Annoying, really. We’ve forgotten how to deal with them!

Not too many more days, and then this trip will be over…

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