Scenes From a May Wedding

By | September 14, 2009

My brother got married in May, and I flew home from Alaska for the wedding. Then Russ and his new wife moved to Sitka, where I was able to visit with them all summer. Now I am going home and they are staying here.

They had me design a thank you card for them, out of the pictures Jennifer took at their wedding. (You should be getting yours in the mail any day now.)

Here are some other scenes from their wedding weekend.

My nephew.

My niece.

My other niece. (They are sisters.)

Me and all my sisters.

A line-up of all 10 of my brothers. The oldest is 25, the youngest is 4.

My brother had a little trouble tying his tie. Luckily my dad was there to help.

My brother Gord and his *new* fiancee! (They weren’t engaged at the time of the photo.)

A couple pictures of the wedding flowers.

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  1. joan j

    Good job on the cards! I really like them! Where is your next adventure?

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